Saffire update Version 2.8 has arrived!

We were busy this spring at the Portland and Austin offices of Saffire to release an awesome update to our software that focused on SaffireScan, our print-at-home ticketing program managed right from your website’s dashboard! A few of the exciting new features are listed below:

  • Introducing SaffireTrack, a new, easy way to track headcount at your gates. You can even categorize according to demographics like age or location! Centralize your attendance reporting for online and at-the-gate sales.
  • Added ticket customization – upload a sponsor logo or advertise right on the tickets your customer will print and bring to your event. Increase your revenue by giving sponsors this added reach!
  • Customized URLs for Events! Tired of asking your web provider to redirect a special URL to an event? No longer necessary with Saffire 2.8, create unique web addresses yourself!
  • Added LinkedIn as a social media option and icon to the header of our websites so that you can keep your customers engaged through that outlet.

While these are only 4 bullets, weeks of behind-the-curtain programming took place to ensure we’re offering high quality and user-friendly software so that our clients can continue to manage their own online marketing with increased sanity!

Saffire Version 2.6 has arrived

Here at Saffire we love that we get to continue to develop our software per our clients’ requests. Our latest update has some pretty awesome features that we were thrilled to put on our clients’ websites this week. Here are some of the highlights of our latest release:

  • Multi-image upload made faster – now you can quickly populate an entire photo gallery or specific module on a dynamic page all at once!
  • Free-form price field – donations, dollar amounts unique for each customer? No problem, any item for sale, event, or form will increase your revenue and allow your customer to fill in their own dollar amount while you control the price range.
  • BUY NOW buttons EVERYWHERE! Catch your customer from the get-go with a call to action button anywhere an item is for sale, even multiple places on the homepage.
  • Even more specific tracking on your website. We’ve added Google Analytics to your Sponsors regardless of homepage, event page, or dynamic page so you can report to your sponsors the specific reach your website has given them!
  • Enhanced LIVE reporting. Check the status of your ticket redemption and online sales as they happen in real-time. Having a head’s up on attendance will help you prepare for a successful event!

Of course we had a TON of other behind the scenes updates to make things work better, faster, and smoother, but adding these 5 key ingredients to our clients’ online mix will really help them to generate sales, attendance and most importantly INCREASE SANITY!

Saffire Update: Version 2.5 Release

We’ve been working hard this fall at Saffire and one of our greatest accomplishments is the update to our software: Version 2.5. Providing our clients with the latest technology and features that they’ve requested is one of our greatest pleasures so here’s a brief list of what has been added to Saffire!

  1. Customized landing pages for our interactive event schedule and event categories.
  2. A third view is now an option for the interactive event schedule; Expanded View offers a hybrid display of an event with photo and description.
  3. Dynamic (custom) pages can now be copied to an email campaign or to a new page.
  4. Items for sale have the capability for advance day and time “Buy Now” buttons, with the option for a countdown.
  5. Event countdown and dates are dynamic so that multiple events can be advertised in the header.

There are many more features and tweaks made to our platform so that our clients’ website management experience is even better. If you’re interested in finding out more about our latest release or want to understand all that Saffire has to offer send us an email at


Saffire Updates: Version 2.3

We are thrilled to announce our latest update Saffire 2.3! We think the features we’ve added to the Saffire platform will make life that much easier for our clients as well as help their customers enjoy their experience on their website even more. Check out the new features we’ve added below!

  1. SaffireScan is now available, and we think it’s one of the most exciting pieces of Saffire to date! Our clients are now able to sell print-at-home tickets from their website. We’ve developed an easy-to-use app for Apple devices (which we can provide if you need) that allows you to scan the ticket your customer has purchased and printed from home anywhere on your grounds. This new way of selling and redeeming tickets will make it even easier for our clients to increase their advance online revenue. Here’s a video to find out more about SaffireScan!
  2. We have completely overhauled editing and creating events with the addition of “Quick Add”. We now have a way for our clients to put an event on their interactive event schedule without the need of creating items or building out their event page along with updating the entire process of editing events.
    1. Quick Add will allow you to post just the day and/or time and name of an event to your schedule.
    2. Easier to use drop downs for selecting days and times for creating and editing events.
    3. Simpler filters to quickly reach the events you’re ready to edit.
    4. Toggling between listed and unlisted events can be done with one click from the admin tool, as well as selecting an event to be an “our pick.”
  3. We are introducing new homepage features and interactive event schedule customization!
    1. Now our clients can link the image on their homepage to any page or event they choose. We think this will help to get your customers clicking as you can select any photography you like for an event.
    2. Thanks for Attending” message can be automated with the click of a button long before your event happens so that you don’t have to worry about updating your website immediately after your event.
    3. You can pick the default view of your interactive event schedule with the click of a button too. You decide if list or gallery view is the way you want your schedule to appear.
  4. We’ve added Instagram as a social media outlet for your customers to stay connected to your event.


As always, you can check out our YouTube Channel – SaffireStudio to keep up with this release. If you have questions on any of these new features or items we’d love to fill you in or catch you up on the quick-paced evolution of Saffire! Give us a call at 512-430-1123 or email us at

Saffire Updates: Version 2.1

We are excited to bring you Saffire 2.1! You will find that this release makes your site even easier for you to use, as well as provides an enriched viewing experience for your customers. Read about the awesome new features listed below!

New Features

  1. Your interactive event schedule will now have a completely new look to enrich your customers’ browsing experience. It will contain the same great functionality before, but now:
    1. The schedule will be divided by events per day.
    2. The schedule can be filtered to easily display color-coordinated categories that display in the grid.
    3. The hover and quick view features now include even more “quick view” information.

If you missed our interactive event schedule webinar, we strongly recommend you watch the video linked here to learn more about the new interactive event schedule format.
Watch this video to learn more!

  1. With Saffire version 2.1, your homepage will now be rendered without Adobe Flash. Your page will be displayed in a newer format called jquery! Now your homepage can now be viewed the same on devices regardless of whether they support Flash, including iPads! Due to the complexity of this change, we will be scheduling clients on a more individual basis to actually make the conversion. Keep an eye out for important communication from us regarding this shift!
  2. Our ShoWorks integration is now even tighter! After saving your final results, simply click the “Publish on Saffire” button within ShoWorks, select the event for which you want to display the results, and they will immediately show on your Saffire site.
    Watch this video to learn more!

Saffire Updates: Version 2.0

It’s officially here: Saffire 2.0! As you know, our releases are always a mix of customer requests and the latest internet trends. With the continuing rise in popularity of mobile internet, we are bringing you Saffire Mobile Admin, so you can update the most crucial elements of your website right from your smart phone.

Mobile Enhancements

We now give you the ability to maintain important features of your website on the go with your new mobile admin site! You can change your general message, update your homepage features or edit basic information about your events or all from your smart phone.
Watch this video to learn more!

SaffireMail Enhancements

It’s now easier than ever before to keep in touch with your email list! When you create a campaign, adding your content is very similar to adding dynamic page content. You can drag and drop modules as you wish to give you more control over the layout for your emails.
Watch this video to learn more!

Customer Site Enhancements

  1. Your customers now have the ability to search for items within your interactive event map!  This box searches only map items and auto-fills based on the first few characters of their search criteria.
  2. From now on, if you only have one event in any given subcategory, the link from the dropdown goes directly to the event detail page!
  3. You now have the ability to change information about multiple events with ease! Use the check boxes in your events list to select as many events as you wish and then use the “Actions” dropdown to list, deactivate or unlist several items at one time. You can even use this functionality to control the “Our Pick” icon!
    Watch this video to learn more!
  4. You now have the ability to “Quick Edit” your events without leaving the event listing page! This will help you be more efficient with your Saffire site.
    Watch this Video to Learn More!
  5. You now have the ability to add any text in the cost field for each of your items. We hope you can use this to get the word out about free events happening on your grounds and boost overall gate admission!
  6. If you have one sponsor that stands out among the rest, you now have the ability to place a sponsor logo on your homepage permanently, while your other sponsor logos continue to scroll!
  7. You now have the opportunity to specify which of your photos appear in the photo gallery!
  8. When adding Featured Events in year-round mode or adding More Exciting Events, you no longer have to give events a title. You can also opt to leave off the link on your More Exciting Events. These changes allow you to be a little more creative in the management of your homepage.

Saffire Commerce ENHANCEMENTS

  1. You can now add custom text to the receipt that your customer automatically receives after they place an order within Saffire Commerce. This can help you relay a message about a specific item or even just provide a way for you to show your thanks for their purchase!
  2. Additionally, if there is a date and time associated with an item, this information will now automatically appear on the customer receipt!

Saffire Client Webinar: Meet the NEW and IMPROVED SaffireMail!

Free Webinar!
Free Webinar! Register Now!

Meet the New and Improved SaffireMail!

Are you using email marketing to its fullest potential? Do you know you need to do more but need a little help getting started? Email marketing is extremely cost-effective, and your top revenue days will likely be the days you send bulk email to customers!

Since email is so important to an event’s success, we want to share our 8 steps to creating and sending an impactful email.

Then, we’ll take you on an exclusive sneak peek of our NEW and IMPROVED SaffireMail!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions and kick-start your email marketing efforts. As our customer, you will get to see our completely revamped SaffireMail before its official release so you know exactly how our tool will make your life easier.

Kendra Wright, our president, and Aaron Pederson, our technical director, think it is so important for you see the updates to SaffireMail, they are offering two different sessions so you can work it into your schedule. Register now!


Reserve Your Seat Now!
Reserve Your Seat Now!

Please make plans to join us and take your email marketing to the next level with SaffireMail!


Saffire 101: SaffireMail

Earlier this week, Kendra was joined by our friend Jennie from Rodeo Austin to discuss why events should be using email marketing.  We had such a positive response, it only seemed right that this week’s Feature Friday was how-to create an email marketing campaign with SaffireMail!

Here are a few reasons why your event should be using email marketing:

•Email is the top revenue generator for many companies, even above social media!
•Email gives some of the fastest results, often within 24 hours
•Email is the most cost-effective marketing tool

Here is a quick tour of SaffireMail and some tips and tricks for you to use as you get ready to send your next marketing email!

Saffire Updates: Version 1.9

We are so excited to tell you about the great new features in Saffire Version 1.9! This release contains the number one requested item from our last client survey—Mobile Texting! Read about this and the other great features below.

SaffireMail™ Enhancements

Attention all Saffire Clients—If you’re not sending mass marketing emails to your customers, or if you’re looking for an easier or more cost-effective solution, you should consider SaffireMail™!

Check out the newly rebranded and upgraded SaffireMail™, available right from your dashboard so you can stay connected to your email list by clicking SaffireMail™ under Quick Links on your Admin Dashboard.

We are also excited to bring you new pricing for SaffireMail™. We have reduced the fees for our monthly service by up to 30%.  Our goal is to make it efficient and cost effective to email your customers so you can continue to grow your event. Check out the pricing structure here!

Watch this video to learn more! (Part 1)
Watch this video to learn more! (Part 2)

New Features

  1. With the increase in the popularity of texting, especially among the younger crowd, we want you to have the opportunity to reach your customers where they already are – on their cell phones! Saffire is proud to announce that we now offer SaffireText™, so you can manage mobile phone numbers and easily send text messages to your customer base.
    Watch this video to learn more!
  2. You can now add Pinterest and YouTube icons to your homepage! This request from several customers will help you take advantage of all the great marketing opportunities created through different social media outlets. You can even reorder all four of your social media options, including Facebook and Twitter, by clicking on “Social Media” under the News heading on your Admin Dashboard.
    Watch this video to learn more!
  3. There is also a new “Pin It” button on each of your photos in your event photo gallery! As your customers go browse enlarged photos, the “Pin It” button appears next to the Facebook and Twitter buttons, giving your customers another way to share your photos and interact with your event.
  4.  Saffire now has included specific HTML in your site to enhance Google’s recognition of your event pages. We admit this is super geeky, but trust us that we’re doing everything we can so your event is optimized for Google!

Mobile Enhancements

We know that nothing sells an event like photos, and since your mobile effort is a big part of your marketing strategy, we have enhanced photo viewing on mobile! Now, every photo in your homepage features section will be shown on the homepage of the mobile site (not just the first one). Your customers will see arrows on either side of the photo so they can easily click back and forth between your images.
Watch this video to learn more!

Member Site Enhancements

You are now able to upload Word Documents and Excel Documents to your Member site module! This will give you the ability to reach your members with the information they need.

Saffire 101: Dashboards

A few of our clients not only use the Saffire software to manage their customer website, but also to keep track of  their members.  Our member sites includes a member specific calendar, directory, member profiles, events and documents.

With Saffire 1.8, we updated our password-protected admin site to better differentiate between your customer and member site management tools with two distinct dashboards.

Watch this quick video as Jessica shows you how to navigate around your new and improved admin site!