How to Actually Sell Tickets with Email Marketing in 2019

Email marketing has been around pretty much since the internet was born. Social media and search engine ads have stolen some of its shine in recent years, but we still believe in the power of good ol’ email! Why? It’s (almost) free, it’s accessible and everybody on the internet has one! With so many people using ad blockers and scrolling through their social feeds at the speed of light, email is also the perfect way to capture someone’s attention. Here’s the top ways to keep up with email trends that actually sell tickets in 2019:


  1. Personalization and Segmentation

Millennials have spoken, and they want custom content. We’re talking about diving a little deeper than your standard email {!Contact.FirstName}.  Huge digital companies like Amazon, Coca-Cola and the Austin City Limits Festival have changed the way we market by placing personalization at the center of their strategies. Think about how you react when an ad pops up in your inbox or newsfeed for something that you’ve already been lusting after for days. We’d bet your typical scroll reflex slows down and you’re much more likely to give it a click.

Next time you send out a marketing email, ask yourself if you’ve included these relevant contacts: Customers who have purchased tickets for the same or similar events, customers who have purchased merchandise, customers with abandoned carts, customers who have shown interest in the event on your website.

More importantly, think about who you SHOULDN’T include. Instead of sending every email to one giant list, segment your lists based on what each person is truly interested in. In other words, don’t waste your time sending kids story time emails to the rowdy 21+ crowd. While it may seem like you’re increasing your odds by increasing your reach, what you’re really doing is making it more likely for someone to opt-out, or worse, stop engaging with your event altogether.


  1. Clear and Compelling Call to Action

If you want your reader to buy anything, you’ve got to create engaging calls to action that compel your readers to follow through right away. Once a reader clicks away – that’s it. You’ve pretty much lost them, at least for now.

Many people see the call to action as a one-line sentence or link at the end of your email (Buy Tickets, Sign Up, Follow Us). While that’s an important piece to the puzzle, remember that the rest of your email is important, too. No one ever buys something without a compelling “why.”  What is it about your event that makes it a good use of their time? The delicious food? Great photo ops? A spectacular line up? Focus on one element and tell a really good story. Then hook them at the end. Storytelling is the best way to help people really connect with your brand, instead of just feeling like you’re trying to sell them something.


  1. It’s All About the Follow-Up

Here’s the great thing about selling online: you can essentially chase down a potential customer without looking like a total creep. It’s easy for people to get distracted online. Sometimes what people need is just another nudge (or 4) to lead them in the right direction.  Moz found that you can bring your conversion rate to up to 41%, compared to a 1-2% average by simply remarketing to customers who appear interested, but just haven’t bought yet.

Now, we’re not advocating for spamming people’s inboxes. Instead, what we’re talking about is using a well-timed, well-planned campaign to keep people thinking about your upcoming event. An email campaign for an upcoming festival might look something like this:

Email 1: Event announcement

Email 2: Early bird sale offer

Email 3: Line up announcement

Email 4: Second sale announcement

Email 5: Reminder: Two weeks left to buy tickets

Don’t forget to create an email for people who have abandoned their cart or who have high click & open rates but haven’t bought a ticket yet. It’s likely these people are interested, they may just need an additional nudge. You don’t have to follow up solely through email, either! Use retargeting to reach people who have recently purchased or engaged with your brand on their newsfeeds, Google search and using plain ol’ website banners.


  1. Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Sales are the oldest trick in the book for a good reason: they work. This one’s old school, but we still believe that a good sale or giveaway is one of the best ways to sell tickets. Just make sure that the offer is valuable for both you and the client.


Email marketing is still one of the best tools to connect with your audience and sell tickets, but it will only work if you are creating relevant content and humanizing your brand.



Welcome Caldwell Night Rodeo!

Saffire started by specializing in Rodeo websites and has grown to specialize in all events, venues and destinations. We still are always VERY excited and love to keep growing in rodeo clients! We are so happy to welcome the historic Caldwell Night Rodeo to the Saffire Family!

Now in its 82nd year, Caldwell Night Rodeo is one of the largest and longest-running annual events in Canyon County, drawing rodeo fans in excess of 40,000 over 5 action-packed nights. Listed among the Top 30 Professional Rodeos AND Top 6 Outdoor Rodeos in the nation, Caldwell Night Rodeo features some of the best professional cowboys, cowgirls and animal athletes in the world and is an annual stop on the professional rodeo tour.

As the first rodeo in the Pacific Northwest to ever be held under the lights, Caldwell Night Rodeo offers a true rodeo experience unlike any other. With over 500 world-class contestants and 7 action-packed nightly event, the excitement in our arena is electric. Equally divided by the infamous “Rowdies” and “Civies” – the CNR crowd plays an interactive role in the excitement of this one-of-a-kind rodeo.

In 2015 CNR was voted the #1 Large Outdoor Event in Canyon County, one of the Top 10 Rodeo’s in the US by Real Time Cowboy Magazine and one of the 101 Best Events in the West by American Cowboy Magazine.

Stay tuned to see a great new website for this great event!




Fremont County Fair & Rodeo

FremontCountyFairWe are pleased to announce that the Fremont County Fair & Rodeo of Riverton, Wyoming has gone from Saffire Friend to Saffire Family! We first met their sweet executive director because he was nice enough to escort part of our team to the IAFE Wine & Dine at the end of last year. It’s people like the ones on the Fremont County Fair team that remind us why we love this industry and the awesome people in it!

Welcome Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo



We are excited to announce the Kilckitat County Fair & Rodeo of Goldendale, Washington as a new client! We had the chance to meet with the nice people of their board at the Washington State Fair Association Convention in 2013, and are so excited that they have decided to join the Saffire Family! We look forward to helping them take their online marketing to the next level.

Welcome Crosby Fair & Rodeo


We are excited to announce a new client, the Crosby Fair & Rodeo in Texas! We first met them at the TAF&E Conference in San Antonio, where they didn’t hesitate to show us some southern hospitality by helping us do the heavy lifting for our booth breakdown. After a visit to their fairgrounds (and a promise to come to their awesome rodeo), they quickly made the choice to join the Saffire family. We are thrilled to help such an awesome group of people who are so close to home take their online marketing to the next level!

Our Adventures to the North Texas Fair & Rodeo


The North Texas Fair & Rodeo ( kicked off Friday, August 16th. As one of our recently launched websites, we wanted to see what this event was all about and what support we could offer as they tried something new, SaffireScan (print-at-home tickets that are scanned at the gate with our App on any Apple Mobile Device)!

Kendra and Kirk showed up prior to the gates opening and were impressed to see the number of tickets sold online and printed at home, but were mostly blown away by the amount of traffic throughout the fairgrounds once the gates opened. Turns out opening night had a record breaking revenue for the fair! Below are Nanci Kimmey of the NTFair with Kendra along with an action shot of SaffireScan.

1176394_502920759785128_1196758655_nSS in action

Jessica and Brandi from the team also came up, and the whole group got to meet the Josh Abbott Band and see their stellar performance!


The second day of opening weekend kicked off with the annual parade. Jessica and Brandi got front row seats as the parade route circled the town square. Drill teams, antique tractors, miniature ponies, and even Z-Donks (pictured – a breed of Zebra and Donkey) were featured in this local tradition; how crazy?!



The whole afternoon and evening Saturday were spent on the fairgrounds, eating the foods, talking with the people of Denton, watching the PRCA Rodeo from the Catwalk, and hanging out backstage at the Jack Ingram Concert! What a trip! Check out all of our photos from our trip on our Facebook page!


Welcome Rockdale Fair & Rodeo!


We also welcomed the Rockdale Fair & Rodeo this week! Just down the road from our Austin office this is one event we can’t wait to attend for ourselves. The Rockdale Fair Associaton is a 100% volunteer organization who’s mission is to support the youth and communities of Milam County as well as maintaining and enhancing Fair Park, the location of this annual event.

Welcome Kitsap Rodeo Cowpokes!

Kitsap Cowpokes

We are thrilled to announce another Washington organization that has joined the Saffire team, the Kitsap Rodeo Cowpokes of Bremerton, WA! The mission of this committee is to promote and raise funds for the Kitsap County Stampede. The Cowpokes will be using their new Saffire site as a means to generate enthusiasm, sell tickets, host VIP events, increase membership and ensure that this rodeo is one of the best around.

Welcome Rooftop Rodeo!



Rooftop Rodeo of Estes Park, Colorado was the final newcomer of last week to join in on the Saffire fun! This rodeo is supported by the Estes Park Western Heritage, Inc., whose purpose is to preserve and promote the history of the Estes Valley. They kick off their summer rodeo season with an annual parade full of floats and chuck wagons as well as an Antique Show where patrons help raise money for the Western Heritage Youth Scholarship Fund and Rodeo Royalty Program. We look forward to helping them utilize the online marketing world to preserve and celebrate a heritage unlike most!


Welcome North Texas State Fair & Rodeo!


We’ve had lots of opportunities to meet and visit with the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo at various Texas and international conventions, so when they signed on with Saffire last week, it just felt “right,” like finding that missing piece to an almost finished puzzle.  Celebrating their 85th year, in Denton, Texas and committed to its mission of supporting Youth, Agriculture, and Community, we’re proud to add them to our growing list of Texas events!