IAVM VenueConnect

We just got back from our first visit to IAVM VenueConnect in Portland! This was a little different than the majority of our trade shows, not just because our tech guys came out from behind their computers and joined us on the trade show floor, but also because it was the debut of our first ever Amplifier booth!

Our President and Amplifier host, Kendra, was able to interview influential people in the industry in front of anyone who wanted to be a part of the audience. The conference didn’t kick off with interviews though, it kicked off with a visit to the Oregon Brewfest to get everyone excited about being in Portland! Contrary to popular belief, it was gorgeously sunny and never rained once the entire time we were there. This conference definitely packed a punch–from the swanky setup to the dessert sprinkled with glitter, it was uniquely awesome!

The activities schedule left windows open that allowed us to explore Portland with other attendees, which was such an awesome way to get to know people! It’s hard to have a bad time with views like this:

In between exploring (yes of course we worked, too!), we got to enlighten the crowd with the Wheel O’ Crap and continue the Saffire Tattoo Frenzy!

Since IAVM is an international organization, we had the opportunity to meet  people from coast to coast as well as all over the world! It’s invaluable to us to be able to share ideas, teach, and learn from people in the industry from such diverse backgrounds. All in all, our first time at VenueConnect was a great success. From the stream of new friends strolling through our booth, to the overflowing attendance at Kendra’s presentation–we were thrilled with the conference!