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How to Actually Sell Tickets with Email Marketing in 2019

Email marketing has been around pretty much since the internet was born. Social media and search engine ads have stolen some of its shine in recent years, but we still believe in the power of good ol’ email! Why? It’s (almost) free, it’s accessible and everybody on the internet has one! With so many peopleContinue Reading »

How to Instantly Reply to Your Messages Using Instagram Quick Replies (With screenshots)

If you use social media to sell tickets or merch (and you should!), you know how easy it can be for your inbox to start exploding with DMs.  Don’t get me wrong – a busy inbox is a good sign, but when you find yourself answering the same question over and over again, it doesn’tContinue Reading »

IN THE NEWS 1/22/2019

Have you heard of virtual influencers? Fake virtual social media influencers are getting a lot of attention as More Investors are Betting on Virtual Influencers like Lil Miquela.

How to Create your 2019 Content Calendar (Plus a Free Template!)

Here at Saffire, our content calendar is our best friend! In fact, we just completed mapping out our calendar for the whole year. Whew! A content calendar is a plan, either for a few months or an entire year, of what you’re going to publish and where you’re going to publish it to further yourContinue Reading »

IN THE NEWS 1/08/2019

Move over Google AdWords! Facebook will start testing ads in search results. Did you know Millennials contribute more than $50 billion to tourism in the U.S. alone? Here’s 3 Smart Ways to Market Travel to Millennials.

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