How a Cashless System Can Upgrade Your Event

Putting on a successful event can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences. There is nothing better than seeing the smiles on eager event-goers faces, but they can also be difficult and tiring. The never-ending job as an event manager is to make everyone happy: customers, vendors, and acts are all counting on you to keep things organized and running smoothly. Dealing with long lines, long transaction times, rowdy attendees and piles of cash going through the hands of many different vendors can make an event needlessly stressful.


The good news? Cashless systems are taking over the event, fair and festival space, and they’re making demands easier to handle. Not only does a cashless system make lines and transaction times shorter, but it has been proven to increase revenue at events by up to 30%!


Saffire has seen cashless systems in action (and we have launched our own system, BlastPass, in the process!) and we’re 100% on board with the new technology.  The trend is spreading like wildfire for good reason. Huge festivals like Coachella, Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza have jumped on board, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.  So, are cashless systems worth it?


Here’s why we think they are:


Increased Revenue:

Shorter lines and transaction times mean that attendees have more time to spend on food and fun. Cashless systems have proven to create more capita per customer, and in the end that often means more revenue for your event. Money is easily trackable at any time through real-time reporting, making it easier to keep track of than ever.


Carefree Event:

For attendees, nothing is easier than pre-purchasing a card or wristband, which they can use for all sorts of things like gate admittance and purchasing food. Reload stations throughout your event allow customers to refill when necessary and rarely have to worry about their wallets. The added security for event-goers is priceless. Combine this with a smoother running event for event managers, and it’s a win-win situation.


Real-time Reporting:

Reporting can be a real lifesaver for events. Not too long ago, managers were forced to wait until the close of the day to finalize money counts and close registers. Today, real-time reporting gives them an in-the-moment look at total earnings, what every vendor has sold, event capacity and more. It can mean the difference between chaos and nipping a fire in the bud before it ever starts.


No Internet Needed:

Some cashless systems, like Saffire’s, can be used 100% offline. Downtime is never an option, so systems that can operate without an internet connection are extremely valuable.


With a system that is so beneficial for both the event organizer and the attendee, its no wonder why cashless systems are taking over the event space.  To learn more about how cashless systems can increase your revenue, read more here or reach out to us today!