Retarget for More Sales

Online shopping is so easy, but many shoppers get distracted or start questioning their potential purchase and abandon their shopping cart. The shopper is then inundated with ads for that exact product in their social media accounts and on many other websites they might visit. These types of ads are called “retargeting” and have been an increasingly popular method of reaching the most interested consumers possible.


According to AdRoll (a retargeting platform), only 2% of shoppers will actually buy from an online store their first visit. Retargeting works to catch the other 98%. So, how do marketers do this? Well, to retarget and remarket, a target audience is needed. Although marketers can make a target audience in a number of different ways, the most popular methods include customer list retargeting, which works by uploading a contact list made up of the desired audience and website visitor retargeting, which works by adding a pixel that tracks website visitors to a specific website or even a page on a site. Cool stuff, huh? Well, many social media giants think so too.



Pinterest, a photo sharing, social media website that can be thought of as a “catalog of ideas”, has recently jumped on the retargeting bandwagon. By adding three new targeting options, businesses are able to target the delivery of its promoted ads by combining their own data with data Pinterest collects on its users. Pinterest has added “customer list retargeting” and “website visitor retargeting” to their available marketing methods along with “lookalike targeting”, which creates audiences based on similar interests of previous or potential customers. Businesses working with Pinterest Marketing Partners will be able to target their audiences by the end of June.

Facebook is also a powerhouse player to the retargeting game. By giving businesses the custom audience options of uploading a contact list, and/or attaching a Facebook pixel to a company’s website and pages, Facebook is killing the game with a “41% increase in advertisement revenue since 2014” according to AdRoll data.

Adroll is a growing retargeting advertising platform that allows businesses to use their own website data to create personalized ad campaigns. AdRoll has partnered with over 60 advertising exchanges and networks including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, Twitter, and AppNexus to offer its clients access to 98% of the web! They work with over 25,000 advertisers and expert machine learning to get businesses the results they need. The other amazing thing about AdRoll is that they will personally design the ads to attract the intended target audience, perfect for many Saffire clients with small staffs or volunteer boards.

With many businesses catching on to the retargeting trend, there is no doubt that retargeting will become a bigger and more lucrative marketing method than it already is!






We are thrilled to have Visit Cleburne join the Saffire Family! This lively Texas town is an honor to be able to work with.

Cleburne’s rich historic past is celebrated with the Santa Fe railroad, the Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum, and the Carnegie Library building. For outdoor activities enjoy the Cleburne State Park, 18-hole Cleburne Golf Links overlooking Lake Pat Cleburne, or just simply take a splash at the Splash Station Waterpark. Cleburne has all kinds of live entertainment that includes the Carnegie Players, Brazos Chamber Orchestra, Plaza Theatre Company, Songbird Live, and the Summer Concert Series with a variety of music.

We are overjoyed to be working with such a vibrant destination and can’t wait to roll out a great new web design!



We’re ecstatic to have Visit Joplin join the Saffire Family! Just looking at some photos of the city can make you feel like you’re at home!

Joplin is a city in southern Jasper County and northern Newton County in the southwestern corner of the US state of Missouri. Joplin is named for Reverend Harris Joplin, an early settler and the founder of the area’s first Methodist congregation. Joplin was established in 1873 and expanded significantly from the wealth created by the mining of zinc; its growth faltered after World War II when the price of the mineral collapsed. The city gained travelers as Route 66 passed through it; “Joplin, Missouri” is among the lyrics to Bobby Troup’s legendary song, immortalizing the city among others on the famous highway.

We are happy to be unveiling the beautiful new web design for this amazing destination!






Hooray! We are so excited to have Pirate Fest join the Saffire Family!

Pirate Fest features fine arts and crafts for sale, three live music stages, a “grog garden,” pirate entertainers, a Parade of Pirates, a Children’s Pirate Costume Contest, a Pirate Encampment offering crafts, an inflatable pirate ship for children, and other activities. The Fossil Dig, free kayak rides, as well as a variety of food and entertainment from around the world at the International Ports O’ Call are more reasons to enjoy Uptown Greenville’s exciting festival.

We can’t wait to unveil Pirate Fest’s new website! We’re sure you’ll be hooked!