7 Microsoft Word Tricks!

Many of us use Microsoft Word every day, navigating and utilizing the tool in the same way we did in 1999… minus the cute paper clip guy – we sure miss that guy!

The Saffire Team has compiled a list of some of the more unique tips and tricks that we have picked up over the years. We recommend you open up Word when reading through the list in order to try out some of our tricks!


1. Configure Paste Options

Need to cut and paste from a bunch of documents? It can become a formatting nightmare! Word “tries” to be helpful when copied text is pasted into a document by automatically retaining the source formatting, while providing the option to change the text to match the formatting of the current document.

To avoid having to choose formatting option every time text is pasted, click File, followed by Options and then click on Advanced. In the ‘Cut, copy and paste’ heading, you can use the first four drop-down menus to set a default setting for format pasting.

While configuring these options in Word, uncheck the box labelled ‘Show Paste Options Buttons’ to prevent the formatting options pop-up window from being displayed in the future.


2. Show and Hide the Toolbar:

Have you ever been typing away and all of a sudden a random mouse click hid your entire toolbar? It’s a simple fix, but in the moment it can be really frustrating!

To get the toolbar back, double-click one of the tabs at the top of the ribbon to toggle the toolbar on and off. Also, you can use the keyboard shortcut – by simply pressing [Ctrl]+[F1].

If you want to hide it, click the up arrow icon on the far right side of the toolbar.


3. Utilize the Quick Access Toolbar:

An underutilized tool that can save a ton of time! The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is a small, customizable toolbar that exposes a set of commands that are specified by the application or selected by the user.

The following screenshot shows where QAT can be found and edited.


You can pick from a list of 20 shortcuts like print, insert hyperlink, add table, etc.

One of the most necessary shortcuts to add is Print. This will immediately send your document to the printer.


4. Remove Formatting:

Your document can get really messy when dealing with varying fonts. If text has been formatted and you change your mind about how it should appear, highlight the section of text, and press [Ctrl]+[Space] and it will clear all formatting!


5. Adjust Font Spacing in Headings:

A fairly simple, yet forgotten feature is to adjust text spacing. Text space can be used to help ensure that a heading fits on a single line, rather than wrapping onto a second, or can be expanded to reduce the amount of white space in a line.

Highlight a line of text, right click and select ‘Font’ from the context menu. Then click ‘Advanced’ and ‘Spacing’. The ‘Spacing’ section has a drop-down where you will choose if you want to condense or expand the spacing in-between the letters. Use the up and down arrows in the ‘Spacing’ section to expand or compress it.


6. Compare Documents

There are various reasons why you might want to compare two documents. Word provides the option to open two files side by side for this very purpose. However, if you’re using a monitor in portrait mode, document comparison is less useful than having one document displayed above the other.

Open the documents you want to compare and click the ‘View’ tab on the toolbar. Click ‘View Side by Side’ button and then click ‘Arrange All’. Press ‘Synchronous Scrolling’ and you can scroll through both of your documents at the same time.



7. Paste Text with the Spike:

While the Clipboard provides a useful way to copy and move text around a Word document, there’s a little-known feature called “the Spike” that provides an alternative. Text that is added to Spike is cut from the document and there is no limit to the number of entries that can be added, meaning you can jump around the document cutting certain paragraphs, words or sentences and adding them to the Spike. You can then easily paste all of the cut text and easily paste it in the area of preference.

To add text to the Spike, highlight it and press {Ctrl]+[F3] simultaneously – this can be repeated as many times as required. To paste the contents of the Spike back into a document, you just need to press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[F3].




Welcome Barbecue Festival!


We are thrilled to have another barbecue festival in the Saffire Family! The Barbecue Festival takes place in Lexington, Kentucky which is the Barbecue Capital of the World (some in a few cities across Texas might argue this claim.. ha!)

The Annual Barbecue Festival has been recognized nationally, regionally, and state wide for its excellence. The event has been recognized as one of the “Top Ten Food Festival in America” by Travel & Leisure Magazine, designated as a Top Twenty October Event by the Southeast tourism Society, is a part of the Library of Congress’ Local Legacy Event, and has received won more than fifty awards through The N.C. Association of Festivals and Events Excellence Awards program. The festival was also named “One of Ten Great Places to Celebrate Food” by USA Today.

We can’t wait to show the world a beautiful new website design to showcase such a great event!

Welcome Northern Wisconsin State Fair!


The Saffire Team has known the team at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair for a few years now thanks to both team’s involvement in IAFE.

Something everyone should know about this Fair is that it is located in Chippewa Falls, WI — and Leinenkugels is brewed in Chippewa Falls! The Leinenkugel family has been a big supporter of this fair and many areas of the fairgrounds are even named after the family and brewery  I think a toast of Summer Shandy might be in order!

The fair is held every July and has been growing in attendance every year! The fair reported a record-breaking attendance of 84,720 last year. With all of the great events lined up every year, expect this awesome event to grow even more!

Stay tuned for their great new website!

Welcome Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival!


We met the awesome Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival team two years ago at the International Festivals and Events Association Annual Convention and knew we wanted to work with such a great organization!

Visitors and residents have marked the Bedford Blues and BBQ Festival on their calendar every year, as this event grows in national recognition. Every Labor Day Weekend, Bedford welcomes over 20,000 music and food lovers from all over the world to get their groove on. Three days of blues and rock musicians along with down home southern BBQ, the annual Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival is sure to please the senses.

Stay tuned for a gorgeous new website for a great event!


Snapchat: Think Inside the Geofence

Are you still struggling on how to use Snapchat? It’s okay, it can be confusing! In fact, Snapchat has been around for over four years now and many marketers are still desperately trying to figure out how to use the platform and how to reach it’s large and growing user base. We even see Snapchat confusing technology writers like in this slate.com article, Is Snapchat Really Confusing, or Am I Just Old? One great way to dive into Snapchat marketing is for your organization to purchase a “Business Geofilter” from the app.

Snapchat has had custom branded geofilters available for a few years to large retailers, movie studios and other large budget organizations for tens of thousands of dollars. But in February of 2016, Snapchat announced that they would allow anyone, including smaller organizations, to upload geofilters starting at just $5. Geofilters are nothing more than a digital graphic that can be laid on top of a Snapchat user’s photo or video at a specific location.

These new, on-demand geofilters are divided into two categories, Personal Geofilters and Business Geofilters.

  • A Personal Geofilter is one that does not include any branding, business marks/names or logos and doesn’t promote a business or a brand. You might submit a Personal Geofilter to celebrate a birthday, wedding or graduation.
  • A Business Geofilter is one that promotes a business or a brand.

Complete Business Geofilter submission guidelines can be found here. However, the key to making a good filter graphic is to create something fun and enticing that will inspire people to place your graphic on top of their selfie! The image has to be 1080px wide by 1920px high and saved as a .PNG file with a transparent background. Many of you may not have access to photo editing software which allows you to save a transparent background. This is why we recommend sending your graphic over to one of our favorite sites, Fiverr! If you click here, you can choose from over 30 graphic designers that specialize in Snapchat Geofilter creation for as low as $5!

After you have uploaded the image, you will be able to choose your dates and the geographic area you want to target. You can drag and drop a “geofence” around the location, which will then give you a pricing estimate based on the size of the area selected and the date range.

Your submission is then sent for review by Snapchat. After approval, your filter will appear on the user’s filter options in that location! During and after your campaign, you’ll be able to receive on-demand metrics and insights on the success of your geofilter.

We would love to see what Snapchat filters your organization has used! Please post them below or on our Facebook page!



Welcome Christmas in the Park!

Who doesn’t LOVE Christmas!??! The Saffire Team sure does…just check out our pictures from an event a few years ago here.

Christmas is in the air at Saffire as we work with our new client, Christmas in the Park on their new website!

Christmas in the Park is an annual holiday tradition that takes place in the heart of Downtown San José at the Plaza de Cesar Chavez. For over 30 years, the two-acre park is transformed into a holiday fantasy with over 60 musical and animated exhibits, glittering lights and the 60-foot Community Giving Tree. Some of the original displays housed in one of the largest exhibits, the Lima Train, include a melting snowman, caroling mice and elf woodcrafters. It also takes more than 260,000 volunteer hours from Board Members and the community to bring this well-loved holiday tradition to San José each year.

Stay tuned for their great new web design!




Welcome Caldwell Night Rodeo!

Saffire started by specializing in Rodeo websites and has grown to specialize in all events, venues and destinations. We still are always VERY excited and love to keep growing in rodeo clients! We are so happy to welcome the historic Caldwell Night Rodeo to the Saffire Family!

Now in its 82nd year, Caldwell Night Rodeo is one of the largest and longest-running annual events in Canyon County, drawing rodeo fans in excess of 40,000 over 5 action-packed nights. Listed among the Top 30 Professional Rodeos AND Top 6 Outdoor Rodeos in the nation, Caldwell Night Rodeo features some of the best professional cowboys, cowgirls and animal athletes in the world and is an annual stop on the professional rodeo tour.

As the first rodeo in the Pacific Northwest to ever be held under the lights, Caldwell Night Rodeo offers a true rodeo experience unlike any other. With over 500 world-class contestants and 7 action-packed nightly event, the excitement in our arena is electric. Equally divided by the infamous “Rowdies” and “Civies” – the CNR crowd plays an interactive role in the excitement of this one-of-a-kind rodeo.

In 2015 CNR was voted the #1 Large Outdoor Event in Canyon County, one of the Top 10 Rodeo’s in the US by Real Time Cowboy Magazine and one of the 101 Best Events in the West by American Cowboy Magazine.

Stay tuned to see a great new website for this great event!




Welcome Texas Commercial Airports Association!

Saffire is excited about our new partnership with the Texas Commercial Airports Association!

The Texas Commercial Airports Association was formed in December 2011 and is open to the 25 commercial passenger airports in Texas. Texas airports with commercial flights serve more than 135 million passengers annually. In total, Texas commercial service airports create more than 714,720 full-time jobs with annual earnings of approximately $20 billion and $45 billion in annual economic activity.

Stay tuned to The Dirt for a great new website!





Welcome Cow Palace!

We are so honored to welcome such a historic venue to the Saffire Family!

Since opening in 1941, the Cow Palace has welcomed 50 million visitors through its doors.

Two short weeks after the close of the first show, Pearl Harbor was attacked. Rented by the Federal Government for $1.00 per year, for the next five years the huge structure was filled with troops embarking for combat zones in the Pacific Theatre. As World War II progressed, the pavilion was turned over to the Ordinance Department and converted into a huge repair garage.

Since then, Cow Palace, has had many historic concerts, rodeos, boxing, political conventions, conventions/trade shows and countless other amazing events!

We can’t wait to reveal their new website! Stay tuned to The Dirt: Event Marketing Newsletter for the launch!