Saffire is Headed to Vegas for IAFE 2015!

It’s time for the Annual IAFE Convention, and we can’t wait to get the party started! This is one of our favorite conventions every year because we get to see so many members of our Saffire family. We have so much planned this year and we’d love to see you at one of our sessions, our annual party or at the tradeshow booth!

If you just want to stop by and say hi, our tradeshow booth is #1124. The famous Wheel O’ Crap is back and the Saffire Team wants YOU to walk away with some Saffire Swag!

Make plans to attend our product showcase presentation on Tuesday, December 1st at 12:00 pm, to learn more about Saffire. The Saffire Team will unveil exciting new product offerings and updates. You won’t want to miss this!

We also will be hosting a few presentations and sharing our technical knowledge at the Saffire-Sponsored IAFE Tech Workbench! Be sure to join us at one of our sessions below:

Presentation Showtimes

Mon. Nov. 30 at 9:30pm
Maximizing Advance Revenue Through Online Sales

Mon. Nov. 30 at 11:00am
20 Ways to Ruin a Perfectly Good Fair Website

Wed. Dec. 2 at 3:30pm
Technology Can Be Fun

Tech Workbench Sessions

Sun. Nov. 29 at 1:00pm
Online Resources To Improve Your Marketing & Your Life

Mon. Nov. 30 at 9:30am
Mobile Strategies for Success

Tues. Dec. 1 at 11:15am
Earning the Digital Sponsorship Dollar – And Keeping It
On Tuesday night, we’re having a suite party in the Paris Hotel from 6 – 8pm! We’ve sent out some invites, but if you didn’t see yours and want to attend, just shoot us an email to RSVP at We’ll keep your name on our list and email you the room number as soon as we have it! This year, we’re having a Blue Christmas party, so wear your best blues!

Come to our Happy Hour!

Finally, if you’d like to arrange a 1-on-1 meeting with us, we still have a few slots open on our calendar. Email Cassie to see if the time you want is available! We have all our meetings in the Circle Bar at Paris, so it’s fun & not scary!Can’t wait to see all of you in Las Vegas!





The Three P’s to Gaining Sponsorship

Earning the Digital Sponsorship Dollar (& Keeping It!)

Do you know what businesses and organizations are spending in sponsor dollars these days? Do you know what it would take for YOU to see some of those dollars? The fact is, sponsorship continues to rise! The amount of revenue is growing, but the problem is the people who are getting that money are receiving less. More money is being spent, but it’s being distributed between fewer and fewer people.

“The sponsorship pie is growing, but being cut into fewer pieces.” – The largest slices are reserved for properties that can meet the high standards required by a new breed of corporate partner. These are the people who ask for SMARTER partnerships.  Once again, the growth rate for sponsorship spending will surpass outlays for traditional advertising in North America. Projection for spending in 2015 is $21.5 billion!

At Saffire, we believe in the Three P’s to gaining sponsorship – Prepare, Personalize, & Provide. Preparing to work with sponsors in a digital age, Personalizing by coming up with creative ideas to market to your sponsors so they will want to partner with you and Providing them with results they need so they will want to work with you again.

Prepare to Partner with Sponsors

Consider yourself a salesperson because sponsorship is sales! Start early in the year, network, do your research, and understand your value! Be smart about what you’re offering your potential sponsor. Basic research before you meet with them is HUGE. Finding the right fit for your company can be a little tricky, but you’ll want to look for “natural fits” by things like: customers, products, geography, past sponsorship experiences and people who work there. Make it clear to them that you’re taking their partnerships seriously and you’ll do whatever it takes to gain their trust! Things like adding a logo to your site at the time of the sponsor meeting can make all the difference. How can you use your sponsors that will be the best partnership for everyone? Sometimes you’re paying them, using their product and they’re giving you sponsorship dollars. Find things you can do to support your sponsor’s business. Saffire’s tip is “People will find a way to work with people they like”. Leaving a good impression and creating bonds with people goes a long way.

Personalize your Packages tailored for each Sponsor

It’s important to make your sponsors feel special. A good rule of thumb with sponsorship packages is to give more than what they’re expecting. This will make them feel special, which will go the extra mile when your event comes around again and they are considering who to partner with. In order to do this, it’s essential to know the most basic components of your organization, which can be provided as benefits to sponsors. You can add value by offering year-round marketing, hospitality, and onsite event promotion

Put sponsors on your online! Create emails, social media shout outs, online advertisements or consider naming the event after your Sponsor. You can also have a dedicated Sponsors page on your website that features your list of sponsors. If you’re looking to get a new website and don’t have quite enough funding for it, this is a fantastic way to get it! Most digital marketing doesn’t cost you anything but time and effort. Give your sponsors space on your YouTube channel, add sponsor logos to print-at-home tickets or name your entire event after a sponsor.  Other ways you can feature your sponsors offline are by creating sponsored charging stations on the event grounds, photo booths with sponsors or utilizing their services on fairgrounds.

Provide Measurable Results

Sponsors like data. Sponsors have to have that data to justify why they’re giving you so much money year after year. The best ways to show sponsor ROI are Google Analytics & Audience Survey. Audience Surveys assist and measure ROI, show recognition, attitude and the image you’re showing. Google Analytics is great, but it can be really hard to narrow down once you get it set up. Everyone should be able to get this data from your website. Show sponsors things like Total visits, Audience overview, visits on the Sponsors page of your website, engagement and clicks to leverage ideas for more success in the future.

We believe that the Three P’s – Prepare, Personalize and Provide will help you gain sponsorship (and keep it!).

Welcome Visit Henrico!

Saffire continues to grow and expand in the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) industry! We can’t wait until we help Visit Henrico showcase their destination to the world!

Henrico county is just outside of Richmond, Virginia and within one day’s drive for half the U.S. population. Henrico County is easy to get to and even easier to love. Millions of visitors enjoy Henrico’s history, sporting events, parks and cultural attractions each year.

Keep your eyes on Saffire’s Newsletter, The Dirt for Henrico’s brand new design!

Welcome City of Los Fresnos!

The Saffire Team is so excited to add ANOTHER Los Fresnos client! The Los Fresnos PRCA Rodeo was one of the early adopters of the Saffire platform and has led the way for a brand new city website!

Another neat thing about Los Fresnos is that Los Fresnos is our Marketing Manager’s hometown!

We can’t wait to showcase such a great city in deep South Texas. Los Fresnos is only 15 miles from beautiful South Padre Island and 15 miles from Mexico! Stay tuned for an awesome new web design!

Welcome Bismarck Event Center!


Welcome Bismarck Event Center to the Saffire Family! The Saffire Team is busy cooking up an awesome new web design for our far north friends!

The Bismarck Event Center is a full-service facility with an arena and adjacent Exhibit Hall. The Bismarck Event Center offers more than 15 meeting rooms located throughout the facilities. Together the three buildings offer one of the premiere facilities for sporting events, entertainment, conventions, and consumer / trade shows.