Fall in Love with these Great Apps!

You know you’ve found a good app when all you want to do is share it with people! Here at Saffire, we make it our business to discover, research, test and promote apps that we think are going to improve all aspects of your life! Since social communication is constantly increasing, we want to make sure that our readers are ahead of the curve. Check out these 5 apps that we think are worth your time!



Ever wonder what it’s like to be front-row at a ZZ Top concert? Maybe you want to know how it feels like to sit inside a coffee shop in Berlin. Maybe you just want to share your grocery shopping experience with your kids! Periscope is a fun solution and showcases live-streaming videos from around the world! Not only is this a fun app to use in your free time, but it’s also another social tool to promote your event, venue or destination! Periscope allows you to broadcast your organization’s voice across the globe. Some great ways to promote your event through Periscope is by interviewing a performer or important figure in the community. You can also make major announcements like a concert lineup or even offer a special promotion. Also, anything you film on Periscope can be saved and then reused on other social media channels!



Circle Back

Have your contacts gotten out of control? Don’t wait for spring cleaning to get organized! Circle Back allows you to clean up your contacts from your phone, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Facebook and LinkedIn. It also SCANS business cards for an easier way to add contacts! Consider it the “address book replacement” that keeps you up-to-date
Circle Back


LinkedIn Pulse

Speaking of LinkedIn, you can create a custom newsfeed of your professional network with LinkedIn Pulse. Pulse instantly gives you news based on the people you’re connected to, what you follow and what industry you’re in. This app is able to quickly display content that is relevant to you. We recommend this app in the morning with your first cup of coffee!

LinkedIn Pulse



Is your designer out of town or are you a designer looking for something easier to use? Photofy is a free photo editing app that allows you to add art and color overlays to your photos including 90+ fonts, 39,000 graphic elements and 30+ filters. The photo editing capabilities are almost equivalent to Photoshop, but made easy by immediately posting to your social media channels! This tool will come in handy when you don’t have access to your office or you’re out snapping pics and need to post them ASAP!



Hey Lets

Ever found yourself bored without weekend plans? Eager to do something, but not sure what? Or maybe you have guests in town and you want to be sure to give the best suggestions for food and entertainment. Hey Lets is your answer! It’s an app that provides you with people’s experiences so you can enjoy a personalized feed of food, nightlife, shows, outdoor activities, travel tips and more. You can browse trending, recommended experiences and adventures enjoyed by community members you follow.

Hey Lets!



Snapchatting your Events!

Chances are you’ve seen a Snapchat photo or “snap,” with their recognizable scrawled drawings announcing everything from the silly to the promotional. While it started as an easy way to electronically send the kind of messages one would want quickly erased, Snapchat has now become a tool for savvy event marketers.

With Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, what does Snapchat offer that existing platforms don’t? First of all, the limited nature of the content means that only those who engage with your Snapchat immediately have access to your snaps, and only for a period up to 10 seconds.

So…how does that help marketing?

Particularly for event purposes, Snapchat’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it platform provides exciting opportunities for users to generate event-specific promotional tools and original content.  The Association of Surfing Professionals utilize Snapchat to engage with their audience through snaps of real-time updates of surfing contests and will even have surfing professionals send through “autographed” selfies to fans.

Snapchat’s format also allows for real-time updates to event attendees and participants – imagine being able to let visitors know a special event will be starting soon, or about a last-minute change of venue without having to draft an email. Coordination with vendors can also lead to short-term special deals (10% off funnel cakes? Be right there!). Allowing celebrities or important figures to “take over” your account can further increase your reach, and allow attendees to feel like they are intimately connected with them, all thanks to your brand! The benefits of using Snapchat year-round can keep people talking about your event all year.

Like any social media site, it’s important that your selected username makes sense related to your organization – this isn’t your personal account. It’s meant to relate specifically to your organization or event needs. As a general note, it’s always a good idea to have synchronicity between your social media usernames to help with audience loyalty and engagement.

With Snapchat, you typically have to select users to send your snaps to, so it’s absolutely essential that settings are set to display content to “everyone,” so that you never have to manually select your list (which hopefully becomes too long to look through!). This way you’ll be sure that you’re never limiting your audience (of course this does offer specialized promotion opportunities for those extra-special followers).

Be sure to let your followers on other social media sites know that you are now on Snapchat. It’s also a good idea to provide content that you don’t post elsewhere. This ensures that the audience feels like they are getting special treatment as a reward for following you.

While new social media platforms seem to be on the rise every day, Snapchat provides a great current option for event marketing, specifically in delivering premium and exclusive limited-time content to loyal followers. Start snapping those behind-the-scenes pics and get people ready for your next event today!



Welcome Bedford County Fair!

The Saffire Family welcomes another fair! This one is all the way in Pennsylvania! We are excited to work with the Bedford County Fair and getting their online marketing and website a fresh, new look!

The fair takes place every July or August and comes with lots of family fun! There are exhibitions of animals, demonstrations of skill, displays of artwork and home goods, plants, entertainment, motorsports, and exciting midway rides!

Keep an eye out for the launch of a brand new website!

Welcome WSFA!

We are happy to announce that another Fair Association has joined the Saffire Family! We are currently putting the finishing touches on the brand new Washington State Fairs Association website, just in time for their annual convention!

The Saffire Team will actually be at this year’s WSFA Convention! Come visit us in our booth and spin the Wheel O’ Crap!

Welcome Marble Falls CVB!

The Saffire team can’t wait to get a new website up and running for our friends in Marble Falls! Many in our Austin office takes short weekend trips out to this charming Texas Hill Country Town. This destination is in the Highland Lakes region and lines the banks of the beautiful Lake Marble Falls. They also have a great downtown district with cute shops and restaurants!

Stay tuned for a shiny new update to a wonderful destination!

Connect With Your Customers through Facebook Bluetooth Beacons

If your organization has a physical location that visitors would come to, then you should be using Facebook Bluetooth beacons. These beacons help customers see more information about your organization every time they use Facebook during their visit. What’s good about it is that it’s free and very easy to set up.

A few places that events, venues or destinations should place the beacons are in visitor centers, convention centers, museums, fairgrounds or event venues.

When customers visit these locations and open their Facebook App, they will see Place Tips, which contains information about the exact location they are in. When they open Place Tips, they will see:

  • A welcome note and photo
  • Prompts to like your Facebook page and check in
  • Posts from your Facebook page
  • Their friend’s recommendations about your place


This may sound like “Big Brother” is watching, but Facebook Bluetooth beacons are actually designed for privacy. They use Bluetooth technology to send a secure, one-way signal to the Facebook application on the visitors’ phones and show that location’s information. They are also designed not to interrupt the operation of your Wi-Fi or other equipment.

The beacons do not:

  • Collect any information from people’s phones
  • Change the kind of location information Facebook receives

Note: People will only receive Place Tips if they have enabled location services and Bluetooth on their phones.


Are you ready to capture more likes and interactions on your Facebook page? If so, request your beacon by going to this link: https://www.facebook.com/business/a/facebook-bluetooth-beacons

Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the “Request a beacon for your business” section.

Once you have received your Facebook Bluetooth beacons, the setup process is actually extremely easy! You just need to do the following:

  • Pull the beacon out of the packaging
  • Peel the sticker off the back
  • Place the beacon in a safe, central area

Welcome Graham CVB!


We are so happy to have another Destination join the Saffire family!

The City of Graham is nestled within the pristine North Texas Hill Country and offers the perfect setting for all kinds of outdoor recreation. There are trails for hiking, horseback riding, or mountain biking. Bring along your binoculars or fishing pole and let nature come to you. The Graham area offers exceptional hunting, hiking, biking and other outdoor recreation! If shopping is more your style, they even have many different antique shops around the historic downtown square.

Stay tuned to Saffire to see their website redesign that will showcase all of the great things to see and do in Graham, Texas!

Welcome Woodward County Event Center!

Yay, a new client! It’s the Woodward County Event Center in Woodward, Oklahoma! We met this client during the OAFF Convention and this is a BRAND NEW venue. They do not have a website at this point, so their Saffire website will be their first!

Keep checking our blog and reading our event marketing newsletter, The Dirt, to see their brand new design for a brand new venue!

Welcome Teton County Fair!

We are so excited to welcome another fair! We are thrilled to announce that Teton County Fair has joined the Saffire family and will be getting a whole new website refresh!

The Teton County Fair is produced every year by Teton County and this past year, the fair celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Teton County! From livestock shows to pig wrestling to equine soccer, the fair always entertains! Our goal is to work with Teton County Fair to market these great events online and increase fair attendance! Stay tuned for their web redesign!