3 Lessons Any Organization Can Learn From Google

In the world of technology there are a handful of large companies that are always worth keeping an eye on as they shape, change and revolutionize the industry. Google is among the top of these organizations and in recent weeks they have made some bold moves to reorganize and rebrand. While it may seem easy to dismiss the story’s relevance to your own organization, either because “they’re so huge” or “that’s not my industry,” there are some very valuable lessons that any organization could take away from Google’s restructure.

To summarize the basics of the changes at Google, they have created an Umbrella company, called Alphabet, which will oversee a collection of smaller companies that were previously all housed under the Google name. By splitting up the smaller companies, “Google” is able to focus solely on the internet services we’ve come to rely on such as Search, Maps, YouTube, Android, Apps and Ads, while the other companies, with their own tiers of management, can focus their efforts on the multitude of other entities Google is involved in (i.e. smart cars, medical research, smart home products, etc.). In the weeks following the reorganization announcement Google also announced a refresh to their logo and branding guidelines.

Google Alphabet Structure

There are 3 lessons we can all take from Google’s updates.

  1. Back to Basics – Remember the core of your business and ensure you’re taking steps to maintain the well-being of your base offering. The separation of the fringe products & services into their own companies will streamline Google allowing the leaders of that organization to really focus on the heart of what made Google what it is today. Keep an eye on your primary goals and consider whether new off-shoot offerings are detracting from the success of what you do best. Find a balance where innovation doesn’t interfere with your organization’s consistency in maintaining your standards and what your customers have come to expect from you.
  2. Always Evolve – Google didn’t get to where they are today by remaining static or sticking to the status quo. They are innovators who are consistently seeking ways to grow their offering. This is a process anyone can start within their own organization to think outside the box and consider, “what can I do differently to make my customer’s experience better?” As your service evolves, consider how your organization needs to evolve to accommodate that. We’ve spoken to several leaders in the events and venues industries for our own Amplifier podcast, and there has been a consistent theme among the most successful of them to always recognize the need for change and adapt to it.
  3. Dare to Be Different – Beyond just making changes in your organization, consider the changes you can make that set you apart from others in your industry. Allow yourselves and your teams to try new ideas. Look to other industries for inspiration and explore how they “wow” their customers. Whether you’re looking to the tech industry to modernize your gate sales, or to architectural trends to improve crowd control, or to security professionals to enhance safety, there are opportunities being developed by experts in others industries that can be utilized to improve your own organization beyond what anyone else has yet to consider.

Welcome PalmFest!

The Saffire team is proud to welcome another Rio Grande Valley of Texas Client! The 10th Annual PalmFest International Folklife Celebration is coming to you on Saturday & Sunday, October 3 & 4, 2015 in beautiful McAllen, Texas.

PalmFest features lots of entertainment: historical displays, shopping, art, family games, rides and kids activities, cooking demonstrations, live entertainment, classic car show, diverse food and beverage. Over 40,000 people will enjoy the event inside the Convention Center and all around the grounds in the Oval Park and Reflecting Pond.

Their event is just around the corner, so we will be cranking out their new design VERY soon!

Welcome Kansas Expocentre!

We sure love having a new venue client! We met the Kansas Expocentre team at the Event & Arena Marketing Conference (EAMC) and hoped to be working with such an awesome team one day. The expocentre is situated on an 80-acre site in the center of Topeka and has a long history of use for activities related to agriculture, farming, exhibitions, education and entertainment.

Keep reading our blog or our event marketing newsletter, The Dirt, to see when their new design launches!

Welcome Texas Vet Lab!

The Saffire team is very excited to welcome Texas Vet Lab to the Saffire family! Texas Vet Lab was  founded to develop and create improved biologics for the stocker/feeder calf segment of the beef industry. Through the 38 years of business, Texas Vet Lab now offers unique combinations of killed and modified live vaccines aimed at improving the health of the stocker/feeder segment.

With so many of our clients in the agricultural sector, we are proud to partner with an organization that is devoted to improving the health of livestock! Stay tuned for a great new design!