DDS Homepage with numbers

We want to share some best practices for creating a homepage that is enticing, informative and inspires your customers to click a little further into your website and decide to purchase. Destination Dripping Springs is currently promoting their big September event Dripping with Taste, and we think their use of titles, photography and secondary features on their homepage intrigues you without completely throwing ALL the information in your face at once.

1. The Homepage Countdown is the best tool to clearly post the upcoming event dates and name on your homepage. Similarly, using the (1a.) Main Homepage Feature Title is another great resource for prominently displaying your event names, but don’t rely on the feature titles to do all of the work for you. Keep them clear and short so the interested customer can confidently click deeper into your website.

2. Use your secondary feature to promote your smaller community events. Have a recurring monthly farmers market or mini art festival? Keep these events posted in the same place on your homepage all season long, in your secondary feature, so website visitors understand it is a consistently up-to-date reminder of upcoming events they should routinely check out. Again, be brief with your content. You want the title and image to be enticing enough to get visitors to click (this will always help reduce your bounce rate)!

3. PHOTOGRAPHY is really where you’re going to draw customers into your site. Be aware of the amount of text you add to your main feature images, as you don’t want it to be difficult to read. Keep it simple, but be inviting! We recommend using stock photography if necessary, especially if a more generic crowd shot can better convey your message over some of your own photography.

If you’re struggling with using your homepage features and need a refresher, check out Week 5 of Saffire U in Spark. If you need a little bit of team brainstorming, reach out to us at coach@saffire.com so we can help make your homepage work for you and tell that story!


Canva Launches “Canva for Work”

The long wait is almost over! Canva for Work is offering early access when you sign up online. As you may know, Saffire loves Canva! We use it to easily create compelling visual content and infographics. We can’t wait to try the new Canva for Work!

With Canva for Work, you’ll be able to create a brand kit with colors and fonts you can share  across your team. You can also create and organize shared photo folders so that everyone in your team can use the same logos, product photos and other company media. This is essential to provide your organization with consistent branding!

One really amazing feature that we are excited about is the feature that can transform your designs. With one click you’ve got a Twitter post, then an email header and finally a print-ready poster, magically resized for all of your project needs!

You can also share designs to the whole team so everyone can view, modify and comment on designs. It’s a seamless experience providing a whole new way for teams to produce creative content.

Canva for Work is going to have tons of features! Check out some of the top features that your organization will love:

Top 3 Features for Teams

  •        Customizable templates for documents, marketing materials and social media graphics
  •        Centralized team brand logos, images, colors and fonts
  •        Easy collaboration and design sharing via team stream

Top 3 Features for Individuals

  •        Brand kit for colors, logos and fonts where you can maintain the design standards of your marketing materials
  •        A magic resize feature that lets you create multiple versions of the same design
  •        Photo folders where you can bulk upload and organize images

Upcoming Features to Boost Your Productivity

  •        Transparent backgrounds
  •        Upload your own fonts!

The original canva.com will remain a free service, while Canva for Work will have pricing starting at $9.95 per month!



Welcome George West Storyfest!

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with the George West Storyfest to revamp their online marketing! This event takes place in George West, Texas on the first Saturday in November. This Texas Tradition is held around the Live Oak County courthouse square, where storytellers, musicians, living history demonstrators, and more will share their stories with all who want to listen.

We met the George West Storyfest team a few years ago and have always enjoyed working together for TFEA events! We can’t wait to showcase this event with a new website and platform!

Welcome GOAL Foundation!

The GOAL Foundation encourages you to “Get Out And Live” and we can’t wait to get out a new awesome website for this great organization! The GOAL’s mission is to inspire the Greater Ogden Community and its visitors to “Get Out And Live!” by participating, volunteering and spectating at recreational events, programs and activities.

Stay tuned to see their brand new design!

Welcome Kerrville CVB!

We are so happy to welcome another Texas DMO to the Saffire family! From deep in the Heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country, we are pleased to announce that the Kerrville CVB will be revamping their online marketing and web presence!

Kerrville is a beautiful destination and we can’t wait to crank out some amazing designs and help them shine online!