Video Marketing for the Masses

The mere thought of a need to create a “video campaign” scares even the savviest of marketers. “Someone spare me if I had to be featured in a video!” or “I have no idea how to film videos nice enough for marketing campaigns!” they think.

According to Vidyard, “The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web.” The video marketing pioneer just may be right—even I myself am more likely to click and watch a video than just read a bunch of text. Also, wouldn’t YOU want someone to hang out on your website for the duration of a full one- to two-minute video? 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website. Think about what you can show someone in a video in two minutes versus what they could read in 15 seconds. The difference is staggering.

Creating videos to promote your brand doesn’t have to be scary! 2015 has been said to be the “year of video marketing”, so you are right on trend if you start planning now. Think about all of your marketing goals for this year. Where can you incorporate video marketing? Planning is the first step to success. If you don’t actively plan to include videos when appropriate, it will always be a “tomorrow” project.. Incorporate video marketing in to your strategies you already have in place. Use a calendar, and set goal dates for your videos to launch.

Also, make sure to incorporate videos in to your social media plan. Have you noticed lately on Facebook, how videos automatically play when you scroll by on the newsfeed? Make sure your first few seconds are super compelling since your customers are somewhat forced to watch that part as they are browsing. If the first few seconds of your video are interesting enough, people will stop scrolling long enough to watch the rest.

Once you have posted videos to your social media, make sure to go back and post them on your website too. Your website is where you earn revenue—so make sure to place videos near buying opportunities. If you sell tickets to an event on your website, make sure someone can watch a video about that event, that’s really close in proximity to the buy button. If you are trying to get facility rentals, place videos of your facilities near the rental form. If you’re selling a destination, place videos near the bed and breakfast links or attraction tickets buttons. People who watch a video on your website are up to 12 times more likely to make a purchase or complete another call to action, such as signing up for your email list, so make it easy for your customers to make the transition from videos to dollars in your pocket!

Finally, don’t get stuck on the length of your videos. If you end up with promo spots that only last 15-30 seconds, it’s totally fine! Remember, people have a really short attention span on the web, and if your videos are long, you may not actually get viewers to watch to the end. Think about Vine—an entire social media network (with 40 million users) comprised of videos that last a maximum of six seconds. 1.5 billion of these six-second videos are watched daily as of this January.

A video marketer doesn’t have to be a professional videographer. We all are almost always carrying a video camera—our smart phones! Think about small ways you can start incorporating video marketing in to your strategy, and watch your plans lead to “ACTION!”

On Breathing, Trust and Seizing the Moment

If you know me, you know I’m not one for going halfway. I am very driven with my hopes and dreams for Saffire. I can’t help myself. I love everything about what we do.

I love our clients. I believe we make their lives better by giving them the digital presence they deserve. It has also been thrilling to launch SaffireTix and see the demand for integrated ticketing.

I also love our team. It’s so gratifying to work with talented people that I care so deeply for.

So it may come as a surprise that I’m doing something totally crazy this summer. I’m taking a little time off.

Why? It has to do with breathing. I breathe Saffire in just about every waking moment, and I’ve started to ask myself, what kinds of magical things would happen if I stepped back for a minute? Would my team spread their wings differently if I wasn’t there sending emails at all hours of the day and night? The safe bet is on my team.

But there’s something else. I’m a proud wife and mom to Kirk and my 6-year-old Hudson. Hudson is growing way too quickly, and I feel I am in a moment in time where I want to make some memories, while he still thinks I’m cool to hang out with his mom. So this summer, I’m going to seize this brief moment.

Bottom line, if I thought this would hurt Saffire, I wouldn’t do it. But I trust my amazing business partners (including Aaron Pederson, who will be acting president) and team to take the reins for a bit. I can’t wait to see what happens when they do.


See you soon,

Kendra Wright



Welcome Goshen Stampede!

Goshen Stampede

With the addition of Goshen Stampede, Saffire welcomes another Northeast client! This event takes place in Goshen, Connecticut every June! This family fun event has a lot of action action including rodeos and demolition derbies, three-day music festival, truck, pulls, fireworks, petting zoo, great food, vendors and much more!

We can’t wait to help revamp their online presence and showcase this awesome event to the world!

Welcome Gateway Farm Expo!

Gateway Farm Expo!

We can’t wait to work with another Farm Expo! Coming from Kearney, Nebraska, the Gateway Farm Expo will be revamping their online presence for their 46th anniversary in November!

The expo provides agricultural producers the opportunity to attend an event that showcases the latest technology, service, and products for the ag industry. Featuring over 380 booths and an expansion into the newly remodeled Exhibit Building, the show continues to grow and feature quality products and services for the ag producer and agribusinessman alike.

Here at Saffire, we sure love some good barbeque… especially when it is FREE! The expo even provides free pork and beef barbeque, offered each day at noon!

Stay tuned for a great new online destination for this awesome client!

Welcome Destination Dripping Springs!

Destination Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs lies in the beautiful Texas Hill Country about 20 miles west of our Austin office. This beautiful Hill Country town offers majestic views, abundant wildlife, rolling hills, and rock bottom creeks. We are ecstatic to showcase this wonderful destination located right here in our backyard!

We will be building a website to help Dripping Springs showcase their MANY year round events to the world!

Welcome Destination Central Texas!

Destination Central Texast

Central Texas is a wonderful place and we are proud to represent the communities north of our Austin Office! Destination Central Texas is comprised of multiple Destination Marketing Organizations to form an entity to attract meeting and convention business to the communities of Belton, Killeen, Harker Heights, Temple, Salado, and to the Bell County Expo Center.

We can’t wait to get help them get this amazing and crucial organization off the ground and promoting Central Texas!