Finally, Facebook’s new secret tool is finally out!

Facebook recently announced the launch of Business Manager, a tool that helps brands, app developers and agencies manage accounts, Pages, apps and permissions all in one platform.


Business Manager simplifies Facebook advertising efforts by integrating all aspects of Facebook marketing into one easy-to-use tool. This is useful for users who manage their own marketing or on behalf of a brand. For example, if the user is part of an in-house marketing team or their own personal business.

This tool also takes Facebook to a more professional level, since it separates personal from business experience. While people can use a personal email and login to access ad accounts and Pages for management, you won’t need to friend other team members at work just to collaborate. Business Manager allows you to also get notifications using a work email instead of personal address. BONUS: You wont need to switch from your personal account to “use as page” whenever you need to work on your ad campaigns.


1. View Pages, ad accounts, apps and permissions linked to your brand

2. Add people on your team who can access campaign assets and collaborate on tasks.

3. Manage external partners, like agencies or Preferred Marketing Developers (PMDs), that are integrated to your Pages, ad accounts and apps

4. For professional advertisers, you can organize all of your clients’ Pages, ad accounts and apps permissions, as well as collaboration permissions.

45. With Business Manager, you’re in total control of all aspects of your Facebook business advertising. You can add, delete and manage ad campaign accounts linked to your business

As well as add or remove permissions to employees and external partners for your ad accounts, apps and Pages.

The tool is very intuitive and designed to help users without a technical background work efficiently. With just a few clicks, it reduces time spent on setting up and managing pages in addition to campaigns. Team members and partners can easily view and organize what’s going on behind the scenes of a Facebook account. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to check out the tool for yourself to see if your business can benefits from features.

Right now Business Manager is only available to select users in the US. Facebook plans for a full roll-out internationally over the next couple of weeks.

To learn more or to get started, you can visit business.facebook.com.

So what do you think? Will you use Business Manager? Do you have access to Facebook Business Manager yet?
Leave a comment below!

* Images from Facebook for Business


Saffire would like to thank Jen Smith with Jen Smith Social for this great guest blog!



Canva comes to iPad


Saffire is always talking about Canva.com as being one of our favorite websites!. It comes as no surprise that this amazing tool has expanded into the world of Apple by releasing Canva for iPad this week!

By realeasing the iPad app, Canva is on it’s way to become the premier graphics design tool! Not only is this tool easy to use and dynamic, it is also FREE! The iPad is free to download and provides access to Canva’s library of millions of stock photographs, illustrations and layouts. Users can upload photos from their device or Facebook account, or pay per premium element when they publish their design.

According to Canva.com the Key Features are:

  • Design for work, and play. Never worry about dimensions again. Easily design for social media, blog graphics and print.
  • Perfect for social media. Create social media graphics with ease. Professionally designed layouts that are perfect for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Design on your iPad or the Web. Create a design on your desktop computer, edit it on the go. Canva goes wherever you do.
  • Choose from one million images and hundreds of fonts. Design with 1 million photos, graphics and fonts, or upload your own.
  • Collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Canva lets you share and edit your designs with friends, clients and coworkers.


Promo Code Palooza

Promo Code 4

Promo codes:Customers love them, so using promo codes as a part of your marketing strategy can be very lucrative! With technology, media and entertainment fighting for everyone’s attention, sometimes a small discount is the necessary push to seal the deal. In the event, venue, and destination industries, the product is all about the experience. We know that everyone loves a deal, but many are reluctant to discount tickets. Using promo codes as part of your marketing strategy is actually very lucrative and allows you to sell more advanced tickets. Below are a few of the strategies that you can implement.

Social Media:

Using social media outlets is a great way to push out your marketing message and your promo code. Make sure to post visually-appealing graphics to ALL of your social media outlets. Remember, in order to reach your audience on social media most effectively, you will need to pay for social media advertising. (See our article: All Gain, No Pain: Eliminate Guesswork on Facebook Ads)  

Traditional Media Outlets:

Many events have partnerships with local radio stations, television stations, and newspapers. Make sure and use the “old-school” but still very successful forms of advertising to push your promo code.

Email Blasts:

Reward your fans that have subscribed to your email marketing by offering them an exclusive discount. This is a great place to promote advanced ticket sales.  Email marketing is actually one of the quickest and cheapest ways to provoke online purchasing. In fact, when customers were asked what factors lead to mobile purchases, 56% said email. Not to mention, there are three times more email accounts than Facebook and Twitter accounts combined. (See our article: Email Marketing (Still) isn’t Dead! )

The Sponsored Promo Code:

This is a great way to still receive full price for your tickets if you’re worried about giving a discount with a promo code! Try to get someone to sponsor any promo codes that you offer. Reach out to local retailers, restaurants, and even big companies (i.e. Coca-Cola) and have them sponsor the discounted amount.

You and the sponsor can decide what outlets this code will be advertised through (social media, television, print, etc.) The selling point to your sponsor is that they can set the promo code as anything they want, in order to drive brand and product recognition (i.e. Promo code = Coca-Cola). You can also advertise for a sponsor by placing a custom description in the purchaser’s cart (i.e. Enjoy a Coke at the Fair!) after the promo code has been added to an online order. Finally, after the ticket has been purchased, you can even place sponsor branding on print at home tickets (i.e. Coca-Cola logo) where a promo code was applied.


Measuring success:

We often say, “If you’re not measuring your marketing, you’re not marketing!” A great way to measure the success of your promo code marketing efforts is to use different codes on different outlets. Slightly change the code that will identify where that code was advertised. For example:


Embrace the promo code! We hope this has given you some great ideas to start a promo code campaign along with how to get someone else to pay for the offered discount!

Welcome Florida State Fair

Florida State Fair

We are honored to welcome the Florida State Fair into the Saffire family! We have had the pleasure of getting to know their team over the years at FFEA, FFF, and IAFE … they are almost as world traveled as Saffire! They have a 110 year history of providing Floridians with high quality entertainment and education! Fairgoers enjoy over 100 rides and games, the 4H and FFA shows, and of course the endless fair food! We are excited to work with them on revamping their online marketing!

Beyond The Laynard: Episode 4

As many of you know, I spend a good amount of time on the road for Saffire. In previous episodes of Beyond the Lanyard, I’ve talked about the fun things I do while I’m at a conference outside of the tradeshow floor. However, this time, I wanted to give you a little look inside a personal trip I took—to New York City! (See? I DO go places other than trade shows!)Jeter

There is SO much to love about the Big Apple. I’ve been before, but this time I had a special mission—to see Derek Jeter bat one more time for the New York Yankees. I’ve been a Jeter fan practically my whole life, so I couldn’t help but make the trip. It was totally worth it! Jeter went 2 for 4 and the crowd went wild every time he came up to bat.

I saw a few other sights while in NYC, including the view from the top of the Empire State Building and some really incredible pieces at the Starry NightMuseum of Modern Art. It’s so amazing to me that you can see such masterpieces right here in the USA! Of course, one of my favorites was Vincent Van Gough’s famous “Starry Night” pictured here, but I saw all kinds of pieces by Picasso, Monet, Matisse and Warhol just to name a few.

I was only in New York for a little over 48 hours (hey, the Saffire trips were calling my name!) but I’m so grateful for the time I spent there and I can’t wait to go back again soon!

2014 Texas Travel Summit

We are so excited to report on Saffire’s FIRST attendance at the 2014 Texas Travel Summit hosted by the Texas Travel Industry Association (TTIA) at the San Luis Conference Center in Galveston, TX. We had such a splendid time. As first time attendees, we felt extremely welcome by those we hadn’t met and were excited to reconnect with those that we had met at past conferences and tradeshows.


One of the most exciting aspects of our attendance at TTIA was that we were able to show off our new and beautiful website geared specifically towards Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) on a large display poster right next to our table We had many visitors at our booth that loved the layout and how easily manageable it was through the back-end. I mean, what’s not to love, right? Side note: I love that we had the only palm tree in the room right behind our table to make it look even more inviting than it already did, win! ttia 2

The first night opened with a dinner/networking event at the Galveston Pleasure Pier where we experienced a lot of fun rides, our favorite being the swings that soar you out over the water; what a remarkable view! We may have ridden that and the Ferris wheel a little too many times!

IMG_3234 (2)

On Monday, San Antonio hosted an incredible lunch filled with costumes, dancing, exotic birds, and of course delicious food. TripAdvisor and Adara hosted a “Southern-home cookin’” themed lunch where we indulged in fried chicken, potato salad, biscuits and root beer floats for dessert, yum!


The educational presentations were both impressive and beneficial. We were able to learn a lot about trends and opportunities in the DMO industry, which is great due to our new website and industry focus. Kaplan Mobray spoke on diversity in the workplace and was one of the most engaging public speakers we had ever experienced. He got attendees totally involved and even opened his session by playing the saxophone! We were lucky enough to meet him and other speakers prior to their sessions and all were impressed with our services.


Our conference experience concluded with a delicious awards dinner where multiple professionals were recognized for their hard-work and accomplishments benefiting the travel and tourism industry in the past year. It was truly an experience getting to know such amazing people and gain an understanding of such a huge industry. Overall, we feel that the conference was beneficial, entertaining and just awesome in so many ways. Cannot wait for round 2 in 2015! #TXSUMMIT14

Online Marketing Trends to Prevent the Budgeting Blues

PiggyBankFor many organizations, September 30th marked the day that the 2014 fiscal year rolled over; whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, planning your budget for the new fiscal year can be rather stressful! As an event, venue or destination,  (DMO) it is your responsibility to bring in visitors to your local community by successfully marketing your brand and product. Knowing where to effectively place budget dollars can be challenging with all the new platforms and technology available today. We all know that a strong online marketing mix is a must but with new technology being introduced daily, how do you know where to focus your efforts and invest? Have no fear: Saffire is here to provide a closer look into what marketers are focusing on in 2014 – 2015!

Website, website, website. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. In today’s technology-driven environment, it is crucial to carry a strong online presence to keep your clients informed, entertained and engaged. Bottom line: the lack of a beautiful, interactive website results in lost revenue for your organization (through ticket sales or tax revenue). If you have an inadequate presence, people quickly move on to the next organization with a website that can easily close the sale. These sites have to be easily accessible on all platforms (mobile and web) and must be dynamic sites. DMO’s have spent more than $39 million on website and mobile app development in the last three years and that number continues to grow on an annual basis (The Destination Marketing Landscape: The Role of DMOs). Along with increased presence usually comes increased staff as more than three-quarters of DMO’s use a Content Management System (CMS) and almost half have at least one staff person devoted to website content management (abouttourism.wordpress.com). Here at Saffire, we know that content management can be time consuming and that is why we created a CMS system that cuts down the time devoted to editing on other CMS platforms.

#socialmedia. Social media websites continue to implement new and innovative advertising strategies that organizations can utilize to reach their audiences. With these new strategies comes an increase of the “pay to play” marketing style that many social media sites have adopted. It is now estimated that only 3% of your Facebook followers will see your posts if you do not pay for advertising. As the social media marketing game changes and grows more complex for marketers, many organizations plan to increase their social media efforts in 2015. Many of these organizations have at least one full-time employee dedicated to creating an existence through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. In 2014, it was forecasted that 40% of DMO’s in the $10-25K budget level plan on expanding their social media team (Destinationmarketing.org).

Below is a detailed breakdown from fredericogonzalo.com presenting how a social media budget is allocated in a typical DMO. As you can see, paid promotion through tweets and Facebook ads is highly important to leaders in this industry.

blog graphic

Social media has also been proven to drive sales and attendance for all types of events that your organization might plan or host. Your social media presence allows attendees or visitors to bond before, during and after an event of vacation by connecting with others who have the same interests in your product. Music festival attendees are a prime example, as 65% tweet or post to their social networks during a live concert, 56% upload photos of the event and 31% write reviews of their experience (New Trends Impacting Festivals and Consumer Events).

The social media marketing game is not rigged and  research shows that it is worth the investment. As part of the Social Commerce Report for Festivals and Consumer Conventions, Eventbrite calculated the value of social media sharing in terms of awareness and ticket sales. The study found that Facebook shares were worth about $4.15 in future ticket sales and generated 15 views of the event’s ticketing page. Twitter drives nearly 28 event page views, or almost 2 times the number of views than Facebook and $2.18 per tweeted share (eventbrite.com/festivals).

For more information about Facebook Advertising, please see our blog post: 5 Steps to Help Your Event, Venue or Destination Take Off With Facebook Advertising.

Get your name out there. Online advertising is an excellent way to reach your audience on both a local and international level. In fact, more and more organizations are beginning to market to local, national, and international visitors, primarily using online advertising campaigns. Online advertising produces immediate and traceable results, allowing organizations to save time and cut costs in comparison to traditional marketing (radio, TV and print), which tends to be more expensive. Banner ads, e-blasts, newsletters and digital campaigns through third party agencies are examples of popular ways to gain exposure and generate your brand to possible attendees or visitors.

Of the online marketing tools, email marketing is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get attendees to purchase tickets and travelers to book hotel rooms. Using a mass email marketing tool like Saffire Mail or Constant Contact is an easy, low cost way to send an email blast! For a more in depth look at email marketing, please see our previous blog post, Email Marketing (Still) Isn’t Dead.

IFEA 2014

Photo Sep 30, 9 25 54 PM

Whew! What a whirlwind and an absolute BLAST Kansas City was for the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) Annual Convention! We saw a ton of our clients and friends and made a bunch of new friends, too! Don’t you just love meeting new people?

We ate way too much amazing KC BBQ, which featured some not-so-shabby Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ which was fun because it was in a gas station! (It certainly didn’t affect the taste, though… it was delish!) Back home in Austin, we know a little something about good BBQ in a gas station- Rudy’s BBQ is a must-have when you’re visiting our capitol city.

The Foundation Night was a delightful event too, spent with friends and, (surprise, surprise) MORE BBQ! We hope you got a chance to swing by the hospitality suite to taste our famous Saffire Queso to cap off your night. (If you want the recipe, it’s here in our blog.) Special thanks to IFEA for packing our crockpots for us!

It was also really exciting to be around all of the contagious energy of the Chiefs playing Monday night and the Royals playoff game on Tuesday. We can’t wait until next year to come back to IFEA. Congratulations to our friends there on a successful event!

Welcome The Great Texas Mosquito Festival

The Great Texas Mosquito Festival

Why did the mosquito go to the dentist?

→ To improve his bite!

The staff here at Saffire is known for being a little wacky, but our new client, The Great Texas Mosquito Festival was actually ranked as the number one “Wackiest Summer Event in America”! We are so excited to be a part of one of the best events in the country. We can’t wait to get our blood pumping and help them improve their online marketing!

Welcome Charleston Civic Center

Charleston Civic CenterWith the addition of Charleston Civic Center, we have added West Virginia to our Saffire Family map! They have held many amazing events over the years, including a Saffire’s favorite, a Willie Nelson concert (we have a signed Willie Nelson guitar over our conference table)! With so many year round events held at the Charleston Civic Center we can’t wait to work with them to create a fun, year round site!