Welcome Arkansas State Fair

ArkansasStateFairYou heard it right! Saffire has added yet another State Fair to the client portfolio and we are so anxious to get their new site up and running. Arkansas State Fair will be taking advantage of Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Text Marketing, and the Saffire Content Management Software! Integrating all of these elements of online marketing is going to help them present their brand and event in a new flawless way that will encourage their customers to keep coming back for more. Welcome!

Welcome Grays Harbor County Fair & Event Center and Tourism

After hanging out with the team from Grays Harbor County at several fair association gatherings we got to know them and they got to know all about the Saffire platform. They have decided to move forward with a brand new online destination for the Fair & Event Center, the “bright spot in the country,” and we look forward to helping them continue their claim to excitement and the place where fun things happen. Additionally, promoting their tourism will be another goal and so using Saffire will help them increase awareness and market to travelers from across the country and internationally!

Welcome Missouri State Fair Foundation

MSFFThe Missouri State Fair Foundation has joined the Saffire team and we couldn’t be more honored to work with the support system of the Missouri State Fair. Enriched with preservation & perpetuation of agricultural heritage, improvement & growth of the economy, and education & advancement of their youth, this foundation respects their past and looks forward to a bright future. At Saffire we are anxious to help them continue their consistent branding with an updated online marketing presentation!

Prepping Your Online Marketing Before Your Big Event!

Dirt-RoadsignWe all know the pressure rises as time starts to tick away getting closer to the “BIG DAY.” Of course we’d love to schedule every little feature and post long in advance of our event, but we don’t always have that luxury or organization (procrastinators raise your hands). So we’ve come up with a few things we think are a must for you to tweak to refresh your online marketing and give your customers something new and exciting to look at while keeping your key ingredients in the mix.

Homepage Update

Imagery: Who wants to look at the same old info and same old photos day in and day out, year-round? No one! We know it can take some effort to locate images or files that are worthy of your homepage, but it will be SO worth it! The likelihood of an image getting clicked on (taking your customer further into your website – thus, closer to making a purchase or deciding to attend) is much greater than just a link or a page in your drop down menu. What does that tell us? We need to have fresh and inviting photography on our homepage. Make the effort to find images from recent events that are action-packed or evoke a personal emotion and put those pictures on your homepage to get your customers clicking!

Dates/Hours/Times: One way to really drive home your customer loyalty and comfort with your website is to make the dates of your event incredibly clear on your website (for fun, you may even want to include a countdown). Be sure that your dates are in a legible font, very large, and if you can, put them in the header of your website so that they are on every page. Then be sure your customer has access to your specific hours of operation so they know how early they can show up and how late they can leave. We know that during your event you don’t have time to answer the phone, and your website is your first line of defense against the #1 question asked: “What are your hours?” So save yourself some time and put that information in an accessible (dare I say obvious) place on your website. Your customers will feel confidence and enjoy their experience on your website if they know exactly when they should attend.


We can’t say it enough, email marketing is not dead. At about two months before your event, you should start pinging your customers and letting them know you’re getting geared up for your event and that they should jump on board with the excitement. A trickle of announcements can be the best way to peak interest and keep them coming back for more. We recommend that EVERY day of your event you remind folks what’s going on at your facility so they can be prepared as they make plans. Things like parking, ticket prices at the gate, and major performances will always encourage attendance and turn those last minute decision makers into buying customers.


Are you selling your tickets in advance online? What about carnival items like wristbands and tokens or sponsorships and vendor registrations? Collecting money through your website is one sure-fire way to guarantee money in the bank before your event starts and put a little bit of cushion in your pockets. However, be sure that you’ve got all of your prices in order well in advance. Scheduling a ticket for sale for your early bird specials is a great way to increase traffic to your website AND ease your own anxieties about revenue.

Social Media

It’s how people stay connected, why not keep them connected to your brand by beginning to engage them weeks before your event? Lucky for you, social media is available on mobile and your customers are starting to spend more and more time on their cell phones and tablets rather than their computers. Drive traffic to your website through exciting posts (again with imagery), contests, and promotions on discounted tickets or sale items! If you’re not catching your customers on mobile, you might be missing them altogether. Do yourself a favor and start to really focus your efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube–let’s get that name recognition growing!

Fremont County Fair & Rodeo

FremontCountyFairWe are pleased to announce that the Fremont County Fair & Rodeo of Riverton, Wyoming has gone from Saffire Friend to Saffire Family! We first met their sweet executive director because he was nice enough to escort part of our team to the IAFE Wine & Dine at the end of last year. It’s people like the ones on the Fremont County Fair team that remind us why we love this industry and the awesome people in it!

Welcome Santa Clara County

SanJoseDowns SantaClaraCountyFair SantaClaraCountyFairgrounds

Hold onto your hats because this one is a doozy! The Santa Clara County Fair has chosen us to do not one, but THREE websites for them–Santa Clara County Fair, the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, and the San Jose Fair Downs. We had the pleasure of meeting the majority of their team at the WFA Convention in January, and these awesome people made it way too easy to welcome them to the Saffire Family. We look forward to creating a new and improved web presence for so so many different entities of theirs!

Welcome Ozark Empire Fair

OzarkEmpireFairThe Ozark Empire Fair of Springfield, Missouri is one of the newest members of the Saffire Family! We first met them at an IAFE Convention in late 2011, and after a final demo in the circle bar at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas back in December, they decided to partner up with us. They are one of the larger fairs in Missouri, and we are thrilled that they chose to let us be the ones to take their website to the next level!

Welcome Redwood Acres Fair

RedwoodAcresFairThe Redwood Acres Fair & Rodeo of Eureka, California has officially joined the Saffire Family! We first met their team back in 2012 and stayed in contact until they decided they were ready to hop on board. We’re so happy they decided to partner with us, because we’ve really enjoyed getting to know the nice people on their team at the past few WFA Conventions. Welcome aboard, Redwood Acres!

Welcome Platte County Fair

PlatteCountyFairWe are excited to announce  the Platte County Fair of Platte City, Missouri  as a new client! They used to manage and develop their entire website themselves using an older platform, but after meeting Cassie at the Missouri Fairs & Festivals Convention back in February, they couldn’t resist joining the Saffire Family. We look forward to taking their online marketing to a whole new level!