The Most Exciting Nerd News of the Year

As most of us know, our president Kendra Wright straddles the line between “marketing gal” and “nerdy girl.” You might want to keep this fact in mind while we announce what we consider to be the most exciting nerd news of the year!

BufferApp Now Allows Custom Scheduling!

Some of you are probably thinking, what’s BufferApp? BufferApp is a tool that allows you to “buffer” your social media posts to go out at pre-determined,  scheduled times in a way that’s quick and easy. We’ve always loved it for our event clients, and we use it for our own posts as well. But now in addition to buffering posts, you can schedule posts with BufferApp, making it in our mind, the perfect social marketing app.

In order to show you its awesomeness, we put together a quick video so you can see if you agree that BufferApp is fabulous and would work to market your event and venue. Comment below to let us know what you think!

Watch the Video Here!

5 Social Media Goals for Your Next Event

the dirt
As the summer event season starts to kick into high gear, we know it can be a little daunting to keep up with the latest social media trends to keep your event fresh and relevant as it competes for your customers’ attention this summer. Here are 5 goals you should try to accomplish this event season.

1)      Ensure your social media links are clearly displayed on your website. As people search for information about your event or venue they will inevitably find themselves on your site. Make it easy for them to link seamlessly between that and your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts, etc. Use the standard icons that are easily recognizable by almost everyone, and display them prominently near the top of every page.

2)      Create a specific #hashtag for your event and encourage your volunteers, performers, sponsors, student organizations (4-H, FFA, etc.), scholarship winners, and any supporters to use it as often as possible.  #Hashtags are now used in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allowing customers to see all content that shares that same unique identifier. This makes it easy to find everything being said about your event with a simple click.

3)      Give Instagram a try. I know what you’re thinking, “not another account to keep track of,” but as Instagram gains popularity with teens and young adults it’s a great way to get visual content from your event or venue out there to generate excitement and desire to attend. Perhaps more importantly, it easily sends images & videos to your Facebook & Twitter accounts so posting to Instagram can automatically generate content for your other social media sites at the same time. And, it’s actually pretty fun!  Just keep in mind everything crops to a true square shape, so leave some space on the edges of your pictures to allow for cropping.

4)      Take some videos! According to MarketingProfs, 76% of marketers say they plan to use online video but only 23% of national brands are actually currently acting on it.  With smartphones today, taking videos couldn’t be easier, and with apps like Vine and Instagram, sharing these videos on your social media sites is a breeze! For some quick video tips, check out Social Media Examiner’s suggestions for Instagram Video.       

5)      Keep the conversation alive! You probably have your smartphone on you at all times, right? So there’s really no excuse to not interact with your customers where they are already spending their time. Set up your event’s social media accounts on your phone to be able to quickly answer questions and comments and to post photos, videos and  news throughout your event. While it’s often difficult to calculate the actual ROI on social media, it’s hard to deny that establishing a personal connection with your customers will increase their loyalty with your event.




Joining the Saffire Movement this week is a big time ticket provider in Houston, ExtremeTix. We had the privilege of first meeting them at the WFA Convention almost three years ago. ExtremeTix was founded in 1999 and offers ticket, marketing and event solutions. They have marketed and sold more than $200,000,000.00 worth of tickets annually to amusement parks, air shows, live music, theaters, museums, festivals and sporting events. Saffire sure looks forward to our time with ExtremeTix!

Fayette County Fair

fayette co fair

Fayette County Fair is onboard with the Saffire Movement, and we couldn’t be more excited to get their website looking as fun as their fair is every year. Saffire had the chance to meet the Fayette County Fair crew at the TAFE Convention back in September of 2011. Fayette County Fair, located in LaGrange, Texas, is complete with a fair parade, livestock auction, horseshoe and washer contests, BBQ cook-off, fair food and live entertainment with well-known artists like Wade Bowen performing. It is our pleasure to welcome them to the Saffire family!


Welcome Firefighters’ Indian River County Fair!


The Saffire Movement continues with our 80th overall client, Firefighters’ Indian River County Fair! The opportunity arose to speak to these friendly folks at the Florida Federation of Fairs & Livestock Shows Convention in Naples, Florida. Firefighters’ Fair is always on the ball – being the first event to ever submit their information on our Fairs Everywhere site (along with a photo of an adorable pig cake). They offer something for everyone, young and old, at their annual event at Vero Beach fairgrounds and attract around 50,000 fairgoers. What a pleasure it is to work with Firefighters’ Fair!