Increase Your Event’s Facebook Visibility

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Did you know there is a way your customers can ensure they don’t miss your Facebook posts, without having to check your page?  It’s true!

Previously, when you “Liked” a Facebook page, their stories would appear in your news feed. Facebook tracked how often you “liked” or “commented” on those posts, and if you didn’t interact with them, it would start to weed that business’ stories out of your feed.

This is especially damaging to those of us in the events industry, whose posts are really most pertinent for a short period of the year.  Our customers’ inactivity in December shouldn’t reflect poorly for a June or September event.

Now you can encourage customers to select “Get Notifications” when they like your page so you don’t have to rely on your stories showing up in their news feeds. To see this option, they just hover over your Like button.

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A Tried and True Way to Make More Money for Your Event

The marketing activity that is most closely tied to making a sale is:

A)     A billboard on a busy street

B)     A post on Facebook

C)     An email sent at the right time

Despite most event managers’ comfort level with traditional media and their love affair with social media, email remains a key component of any online marketing plan. At Saffire, we have a favorite phrase, “predictive of a sale.” And email is, you guessed it, predictive of a sale. In fact, your highest revenue days will be the days you send email… even more so than when you post on Facebook!

How can you make sure your email is successful? And what does successful even mean?

First, you have to send to a big list. So make sure you promote your email list on every page of your website, as well as everywhere else you can think of. You might even consider having a contest among people who sign up for email during a certain people.

Second, your email has to be opened. To be opened, it needs to have a compelling subject line, it needs to come from someone they’ve heard of, and it has to be sent at the right time. The ideal time is generally felt to be mid-morning on Tuesday, but there is some new data out that suggests the highest open rates may be 8-9 am and 3-4 pm.

Why? The majority of emails sent are opened within an hour. Think about your day. You probably check email before 8 am, and therefore an email sent after this time won’t get lost in the shuffle. Sending at 3 pm is probably the latest you’ll want to try, since by 4 pm, people are thinking about heading home, eating dinner, etc.

Third, your email has to be clicked. Many events tell “the whole story” in their email. This is a mistake. Your goal is for people to click your email, go to your website, where they look around and possibly even buy (you sell online, don’t you?).

That’s it. Those are the nuts and bolts. Now you just have to come up with compelling messaging. Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing messaging ideas in future articles.

If you’re interested in talk to us about email or online marketing your event in general, please drop us a line at or call 512-430-1123.

Welcome Benton-Franklin Fair & Rodeo


We are so thrilled to have another event join the Saffire Family, the Benton-Franklin Fair & Rodeo!

This fair has hosted some great country singers, including Johnny Cash, The Mamas and the Papas, Buck Owens and many more!

We can’t wait to see who they can snag this year when the Fair and Rodeo runs August 20th through the 24th of 2013!

Welcome Laramie County Fair


Welcome to “Wyoming’s Oldest and Largest County Fair,” Laramie County Fair!

Located at Frontier Park in Cheyenne, Wyoming, this fair is Saffire’s first event in Wyoming. This is very exciting for us to mark a new state on the map.

We are so thrilled to provide Laramie with a beautiful website to see what kind of an impact their new site will have on their attendance and online presence.

Welcome East Texas State Fair & Park of East Texas

   EastTexasStateFair (3)     POET

The new year is already looking great for us as we welcome our first events of 2013, East Texas State Fair & Park of East Texas. We are so thrilled to have them joining the Saffire community.

What’s even more exciting is we have already created a site for their Twas the Lights Before Christmas Festival!

The East Texas State fair in Tyler will bring fun and joy Friday, September 20 thru Sunday, September 29 with their Creative Arts, Hay Show & Auction and many more events.

Facebook Creates Drag and Drop Feature for Multiple Photo Upload

Using your computer:

Remember when Facebook only allowed for one photo upload at a time to your Timeline? Well now they have made your life easier with the new Drag and Drop photo upload tool.

Steps to dragging and dropping your photos onto your timeline:

  • Open the folder where your pictures are located on your computer
  • Highlight those you want to add
  • Drag them into your “Status Bar” on your newsfeed OR profile
  • A dashed-line box will appear saying “DROP HERE”
  • Drop your photos and watch them upload!

I tried clicking on the image of the camera (as shown below) and it opened my gallery folder but WON’T allow me to drag and drop photos that way. I would suggest not clicking the camera image, but rather dragging and dropping your photos by opening up your gallery folder first.

NOTE: This feature will NOT add them to a photo album. This is simply a Facebook post on your timeline.

Using your smartphone:

This drag & drop feature has not been added to the Facebook App for mobile use. However, I do use an Android smartphone, and have learned that if I go to the Facebook App for Androids and click on the photo tab at the top, it brings up all my photos from my phone’s gallery with check boxes; allowing me to upload multiple photos at once! This is excellent, because I am no longer staring at my phone missing out on the action waiting to see if my picture has uploaded so I can upload another one.

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