Welcome Reno Rodeo!

Yeehaw, we’ve partnered with the Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West!  Please join us and welcome the Reno Rodeo to the Saffire Community!

We’ve known these folks for quite some time, but this summer they let us know that they were getting ready to pull the trigger on a new website for their event.  After meeting with them one more time at ARC, we knew this would be the perfect partnership!

Get ready for a brand new online presence from this well-known 10-day rodeo in June 2013!

PS. The Saffire movement continues to spread far and wide, and we’ve now expanded to 10 states!  Get ready other 40, we’re coming for you!

Saffire Updates: Version 2.0

It’s officially here: Saffire 2.0! As you know, our releases are always a mix of customer requests and the latest internet trends. With the continuing rise in popularity of mobile internet, we are bringing you Saffire Mobile Admin, so you can update the most crucial elements of your website right from your smart phone.

Mobile Enhancements

We now give you the ability to maintain important features of your website on the go with your new mobile admin site! You can change your general message, update your homepage features or edit basic information about your events or all from your smart phone.
Watch this video to learn more!

SaffireMail Enhancements

It’s now easier than ever before to keep in touch with your email list! When you create a campaign, adding your content is very similar to adding dynamic page content. You can drag and drop modules as you wish to give you more control over the layout for your emails.
Watch this video to learn more!

Customer Site Enhancements

  1. Your customers now have the ability to search for items within your interactive event map!  This box searches only map items and auto-fills based on the first few characters of their search criteria.
  2. From now on, if you only have one event in any given subcategory, the link from the dropdown goes directly to the event detail page!
  3. You now have the ability to change information about multiple events with ease! Use the check boxes in your events list to select as many events as you wish and then use the “Actions” dropdown to list, deactivate or unlist several items at one time. You can even use this functionality to control the “Our Pick” icon!
    Watch this video to learn more!
  4. You now have the ability to “Quick Edit” your events without leaving the event listing page! This will help you be more efficient with your Saffire site.
    Watch this Video to Learn More!
  5. You now have the ability to add any text in the cost field for each of your items. We hope you can use this to get the word out about free events happening on your grounds and boost overall gate admission!
  6. If you have one sponsor that stands out among the rest, you now have the ability to place a sponsor logo on your homepage permanently, while your other sponsor logos continue to scroll!
  7. You now have the opportunity to specify which of your photos appear in the photo gallery!
  8. When adding Featured Events in year-round mode or adding More Exciting Events, you no longer have to give events a title. You can also opt to leave off the link on your More Exciting Events. These changes allow you to be a little more creative in the management of your homepage.

Saffire Commerce ENHANCEMENTS

  1. You can now add custom text to the receipt that your customer automatically receives after they place an order within Saffire Commerce. This can help you relay a message about a specific item or even just provide a way for you to show your thanks for their purchase!
  2. Additionally, if there is a date and time associated with an item, this information will now automatically appear on the customer receipt!

Saffire Client Webinar: Meet the NEW and IMPROVED SaffireMail!

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Meet the New and Improved SaffireMail!

Are you using email marketing to its fullest potential? Do you know you need to do more but need a little help getting started? Email marketing is extremely cost-effective, and your top revenue days will likely be the days you send bulk email to customers!

Since email is so important to an event’s success, we want to share our 8 steps to creating and sending an impactful email.

Then, we’ll take you on an exclusive sneak peek of our NEW and IMPROVED SaffireMail!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions and kick-start your email marketing efforts. As our customer, you will get to see our completely revamped SaffireMail before its official release so you know exactly how our tool will make your life easier.

Kendra Wright, our president, and Aaron Pederson, our technical director, think it is so important for you see the updates to SaffireMail, they are offering two different sessions so you can work it into your schedule. Register now!


Reserve Your Seat Now!
Reserve Your Seat Now!

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