The How and Why of QR Codes

A QR Code is a matrix barcode that can be read with a smart phone.  It directs the user to a specific location of your choosing.  You can create a QR code to quickly link a user to your website, social media account, phone number, email or countless other options.

People ask us all the time, “Why should we use QR codes as a part of our marketing mix?”  I think this infographic can give you some insight to make the decision for yourself.  The main thing I would like to point out is that your target audience (women ages 35-44) are the main users of QR codes, so it may be worth it.

Also, remember that people are expecting something in return for scanning the code.  Whether it’s a discount or special offer, make sure that you make the scan worth their time.

If you decide that you’d like to give QR Codes a try, the good news is that creating one is completely do-it-yourself.  We recommend using QR Stuff , which is a free service that allows you to select the data type, content and color of the code.  But a little tip from us: black is the way to go.  We tested a few colors, but black codes are the easiest for a mobile device to read.

Placing codes around your event is a great way to get people to interact with you while they are on your event grounds.  You could offer a scavenger hunt where each codes provides a clue to the next location.  Maybe you could direct users to an secret page on your website where they can find a coupon from a vendor.  The options are endless, so just use your imagination!

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Is Email Dead?

When you hear that 188 billion email messages are sent each day, you may think the title of this post seems a little silly.  But the truth is, this is a topic of conversation among online marketers every day.

People are obviously still using email, so that is not the problem.   The question is: can your customers filter through the massive amounts of messages they receive to take action?  You’ll hear different opinions on this, but we believe email is worth the effort.

We think the image below proves email is still an important part of your marketing mix.  The spikes you see are increases in online sales on days when a company sends an email.  We often compare the increase in web traffic and sales after an email send to a heart monitor, and you really can’t argue with dramatic statistics like that.

A great example of an event that takes advantage of email marketing to drive ticket sales is Rodeo Austin.  In the email below, you’ll see that they sent a visually appealing email on the day they announced their 2012 concert line-up.  They created a sense of excitement for their customers, and it made an impact on their ticket sales. 

When we look back at our clients over the years, the most successful ones have a clear common denominator: they regularly communicate with their customers via email.  This keeps your event fresh in the customer’s mind and keeps them coming to your website to learn the latest information.

So, is email dead?  We don’t think so…as long as you’re doing it the right way.

Saffire 101: Admin Access Rights

One of our goals is to give our clients features that they want and need, so last fall we surveyed our clients and asked for ways that we could improve our software and make their lives easier.  One of the answers we heard over and over was the ability to create different levels of admin access.

So you asked, and we listened!  With Version 1.6, you now have the ability to regulate the access levels of all admin users on your admin site.

If you want to let a user help on certain parts of your site but not others, you now have the control.

In this video tutorial, Jessica will teach you how to set the access levels for your users.

Welcome Chowchilla-Madera County Fair!

Our partnership with the Chowchilla-Madera County Fair has been a long time coming!  We first met them at the IAFE Convention in Las Vegas.  We were so happy they joined us for our happy hour, and we really had a chance to get to know Dana and her husband, Peter, over cotton candy cocktails.

At WFA, we were excited to reconnect and tell them even more about what we had done to enhance the Saffire software since the last time we were together.  After several more meetings, we couldn’t be happier to officially welcome the Chowchilla-Madera County Fair to the Saffire community.

Since they current contract was just about to expire, we are working as fast as we can to get their website back up by March 1.  Can’t wait that long?  Okay, here is a sneak peek of what their website will look like.

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Why Mobile Marketing is No Longer Optional

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It is estimated that by 2014, more people will access your website via a mobile device than a desktop computer. This means that the future of the web is in the palm of your hand, and it’s time to make it a priority.

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  • The Great Debate: App vs. Mobile Site?

Register now to join Kendra Wright, President of Saffire, and Cassie Roberts, Manager of Sales and Partnerships, as they discuss the future of mobile marketing and why it is essential to the success of your event.

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Welcome Amador County Fair!

Last week we announced that Saffire was expanding east, but today we are excited to tell you that we are now coast-to-coast!

The Amador County Fair in Plymouth, CA is the newest member of the Saffire community.  We first met Troy at the IAFE Convention in Las Vegas, but really had a chance to get to know him at the WFA Convention when he attended our presentation on mobile marketing.  And the rest is history!

We’re getting ready to launch their website soon to give them plenty of time to take advantage of Saffire’s features and benefits before their event this summer from July 26-29.  Check back soon for more details on when you can see their new site for yourself.

Our World Famous Cotton Candy Cocktail

When we decided to host a happy hour at the IAFE Convention in Las Vegas, we knew one thing was a must: a cotton candy cocktail.  After a quick search online, we realized there were hundreds of recipes, so the only solution was to have a cotton candy cocktail tasting.

Each of the team members in the Austin office found a recipe that sounded delicious, and we got together for dinner and a tasting one evening after work.

Several rounds of very pink cocktails later, we took a little bit of this recipe and a little bit of that recipe to create the cocktail you’ve all come to love.

At our parties at IAFE and TAF&E, we had several requests for our recipe, so here it is!  Please watch this video as our resident bartender, Jessica, teaches you how to make your very own cotton candy cocktail.


One part Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka
One part cranberry juice cocktail
A splash of orange juice
A large poof of cotton candy

And remember to upload photos of your staff enjoying a cotton candy cocktail to our Facebook wall.  The best photo will win a cotton candy machine, so be creative!

Saffire 101: Website Translations

According to the 2000 Census, the main languages spoken in the United States are English, Spanish, Chinese, French and German.  It is estimated that around 28 million people in the US speak Spanish.

That statistic got us thinking: why wouldn’t you want to reach an even larger segment of the population by allowing your site to be translated into Spanish?  And even French and German?  It quickly became clear this was a feature we needed to include.

In this quick video, Adam will show you how simple it is to set your site up to be translated to another language now that we have integrated with Google Translate.

Welcome Okeechobee County Fair!

Saffire has officially expanded beyond the Texas border…all the way to Florida!  Since the IAFE Convention in Las Vegas, we’ve been talking with Terry at the Okeechobee County Fair about becoming a Saffire client.  And we are pleased to announce that they have finally joined the Saffire community!

Terry’s name may sound familiar, because he was the lucky winner of our TV drawing at IAFE!  (I’d definitely say we  started out this partnership on the right foot, wouldn’t you?)

Since their event is sneaking up so fast on March 13-18, we’ll wait until after their event to get started on their new site.

Please join us in sending best wishes to Terry and his team for a successful event this year.  We can’t wait to get started!